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Like my namesake, I am Creatively Energized. I have a lot of energy and creativity✏️ I am also sweet, blissful, kind and mature 🌸 But I can also be dark and mysterious 🕶 I am ambiverted, where I'd enjoy going out, talking with a few friends, while at the same time I am a strong silent type and a homebody. I am also happily taken by @NiceGuyErick, so please do not harrass me or ask me out, or I will block you. Seriously.
You can also wish me a happy birthday on April 22nd. 🍰

Latest Journal

My Little Personal Info

First Name// Ash
Age// 22
Gender// Female
Nickname(s)// Zia, Renee (my middle name)
Hair Color// Brunette/Very dirty blond
Hair Style// Very short with bangs and chin-length side fringes
Eye Color// Blue

What is your favorite
Color// Black, purple, red, green
Game// Scribblenauts, LittleBigPlanet, Final Fantasy, Resident Evil
Song// Too much to list 😆
Music Video// Within Temptation's "What Have You Done" with Wolf's Rain, Evanescence's "My Last Breath" with Xenogears
Animal// Cats, mice, pandas, lizards
Sport// Don't play them 😕
Country// Japan 🇯🇵
Movie// Too many
Food// Pasta, pizza, tacos, chicken, sushi 😋

Boy(Girl)friend// Erick
Are you in love right now// HELL YES! 😍🔥
Do you have a crush// Read above, dummy 👆🏻
Do you have a stalker// Wuh..? 😂
Do you miss someone right now// Yes. I do. 😔

What do you do
At school// Live my life on the fast lane (Miss that time 😭)
At home// Chill😌
Outside// Walk
When you first wake up// Go back to sleep and wait for the drowsiness to die out😪

What _____ do you hate
Food// Boring stuff... And stuff that taste bad
Color// Dark yellow
Hair color// Don't have one, actually.
Tv show// Uhh...dunno. 🤔
Clothing style// Clothes that don't match well
Movie// Dunno.

Emotions Right Now
Are You Happy Right Now// I guess..?
Sad// Sorta.
Grumpy// No
Annoyed// No.
Angry// No.
Sick// No
Lonely// Yes
Bored// Yes

Have you ever
Made your own religion// Nope
Written backwards// Yes
Written your own magazine// No
Drawn art// YES! ✏
Got angry with a game// 😆 Yes
Played Lacrosse// No
Broken a bone// Ankle
Dyed your hair// No
Put in contacts for no reason// No
Swam alone// Yes

Things that come to mind when you read...
Intelligentence// Is attractive
Stupidity// Frustrates me
Depressed// F&ck my life 😞
Blood// Horror 🩸
Blue// Sky
Gray// Outside
Sword// Samurai
Yellow// Sunflower🌻
Socks// Eh
Ribbon// Hair 🎀

Do you(or are you)
(DY)Give good advice// I've been told
(DY)Talk crap// Noo
(DY)Play a lot of games// Not really
(DY)Wear hats// Very rarely
(DY)Like to be outside// Sometimes
(AY) Always mad// No
(AY) Always happy// No
(AY) A good friend// Sometimes

This or that (Last questions)
Night or day// Night🌛
Snow or Rain// Rain☔
Stars or the Moon// Moon🌝
Ocean or Pool// Ocean🏖
Boat or Plane// Boat🛥
Books or Magazines// Books📚
Blonde or Black Hair// Blonde
Green or Blue Eyes// Blue
Pants or Shorts// Shorts
Pop or Rock// Rock🎸
Punk or Emo// Punk
Tattoos or Piercings// Piercings
Necklace or Ring// Necklace 📿
Clouds or No Clouds// Clouds☁
Art or Literature// Art🖌
Jeans or Baggy Pants// Jeans👖
Singing or Dancing// Singing🎵
March or May// May
Halloween or Christmas// Christmas🎄
Coke or Pepsi// Pepsi
Hug or Kiss// Kiss💋 (from my bf of course 🥰)

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