Commission (animated!): Starstuff by Cowboypunk

Commission (animated!): Starstuff


23 September 2014 at 13:40:32 MDT

For Luciole, who wanted three separate backgrounds (which doesn't fit too nicely into a 4-6 second looped gif) :p

Standalone looping gifs were made for each background and can be found here!

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  • Link goodness wow this one is pretty amazing 8u;; did it take longer to work with the different layers?

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      Thanks! And not really; I draw these in Photoshop, but animate them in After Effects, which is actually for animating and is waaaay better at it. I typically work with a lotta layers (I think this one had a total of about 40? which is maybe just a few more than I normally use), but After Effects handles them very well :>

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    This looks AMAZING!!! I love how your work always sets such a great mood~ I feel like I could watch this loop for hours hehehehe!!! <3

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    whoa this came out really really good

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    Gol dang, that lighting.

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    Daaang this is so cool! The effects are awesome!

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    Holy poop that's a neat effect!

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    Sweet mother of banana fritters, this is rad. The textures are perfect wow <333

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    Also I happened to be listening to this when I watched this, and goes pretty well with it.

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    your animations always have this subtle life energy in them. i don't know how else to describe it! every part of this is just so alive and your attention to detail is incredible. i really adore it.