Swoop by CosmicTrashbag



25 August 2019 at 06:58:26 MDT

What’s that? It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No! It’s a very good boy!

  • Swoop is a gentle spark at his core and likes making friends and listening to the words of other people.
  • On Cybertron he was to be a scientific apprentice his keen interest in listening and understanding seen as a virtue to build upon. Instead he ended up in Kaon, the notorious prison-like place full of fights and vicious ones.
  • Swoop had obliviously tried to befriend a couple of bots like a happy puppy but got his lights knocked out.
  • Only his intended coworker Wheeljack noticed he hadn’t arrived and went out hunting for him.
  • Due to his intent as an apprentice of the scientific pursuits, Shockwave offered him a chance at working alongside him.
  • He refused and got thrown in with Grimlock as part of a group experiment Shockwave was running.
  • It was here Swoop ended up having his circuits tampered with resulting in mood swings and violent outbursts only compounded by his enhanced strength.
  • Grimlock had made contact with Wheeljack, however, and being aware he was missed and cared for kept Swoop from losing all of his niceness.
  • It did not help when Shockwave’s experiments with them took a backseat to his dealings with Megatron, leaving him with prolonged times of being unable to fly.
  • This all lead to them losing themselves in Shockwave’s experimentation on them, so when they ended up being freed accidentally the group were nothing more than violent beasts who caused mass damage before dipping away into the wilds.
  • Swoop was often the first one to be spotted as he liked to keep to the air, this combined with their reputation at the time lead to him becoming somewhat feared, if you saw him in the sky, steer clear.
  • Wheeljack eventually tracked them down and through patience and his prior connection to them managed to slowly get the group down to a helpful level.
  • Swoop like the rest of the Dinobots received heavy damage protecting Autobots from Shockwave who knew how to counter his old experiments. This left them all on the brink of death, but, ever loyal to his friends Wheeljack managed to bring them along with him in life support chambers as the Ark left Cybertron.
  • After receiving his new body on Earth Swoop and the other Dinobots became like a ‘heavy back-up team’, although he and the others weren’t always so pleased to be ‘needed’ so rarely.
  • He views bombing a portion of Unicron as one of his greatest achievements. Unlike the other Dinobots he’ll admit he was scared of the God but, if anything, that only makes him prouder that he did it. Total badass.
  • Like the rest of the Dinobots he did suffer some “Chaos sickness” wherein he flew backwards, in every sense of the word, his oral lubricant showed incredibly high traces of glass, hitting him too hard resulted in temporary colour change and his crest became the same consistency as a cooked noodle.
  • He can be persuaded with some light ego stroking, he’s not completely flawless.
  • Dislikes Cyclonus and Scourge for taking his unofficial “scariest beast in the sky” title but he does admit they’re both ugly.

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