Primacron by CosmicTrashbag



25 August 2019 at 06:03:28 MDT

Primacron given the Extriverse treatment!

  • Primacron may or may not be his real name, but it’s the one he goes by now, if he had another name he doesn’t seem to remember it.
  • None other of his kind has been found.
  • Not surprising as he claims his homeworld and people to have been destroyed long ago.
  • He is far older than any organic of his kind should even fathom.
  • Responsible for Unicron.
  • His cane was crudely fashioned to resemble a sword piercing Unicron’s head as a symbol of his hatred.
  • His intelligence knows no bounds, but age has worn on him enough to make him quite forgetful, usually of the simple things that don’t require much thought.
  • His planet IS indeed gone as are his people.
  • He IS responsible for Unicron. He was the one who created the host body that allowed the dark god to cross into the mortal realm.
  • His arrogance still stands to this day, defiant, despite the horror it has caused.
  • He wanted to rule his homeworld as it’s ‘true leader’, Unicron said he’d help.
  • Primacron watched as his ‘help’ did nothing more than scoop up great chunks of his homeworld and eat them.
  • He watched as the body he made struggled to contain the mass of Unicron’s hunger and ripped at the seams.
  • He watched as everything Unicron ate did not simply fall out but collect and cover Unicron’s body.
  • He watched helplessly until Unicron ate everything and everyone on his home until he was the only one left, stood on a small rock.
  • His presence was not lost on Unicron, who had cursed Primacron. Cursed him with immortality. He will not die until the god dies.
  • Gods don’t die, they slumber.
  • Unicron also sliced out one of Primacron’s eyes, leaving him with a large scar and a new eye.
  • This eye does nothing unless Unicron eats a planet, upon which it will force Primacron to watch, making sure he sees every moment of apocalyptic terror he unleashed unfold.
  • He is quite interested in Transformers, seemingly acting as if he always knew them, and now especially interested to hear there are ones who escaped Unicron’s control.
  • Maybe he can figure out his own freedom from them.

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