Moonracer by CosmicTrashbag



8 March 2019 at 12:51:22 MST

Oh hello pretty girl! It’s Mooooooonracer!

• Her hands can detach from the ‘front wheel’ and put the wheel into a special dip in her chest, freeing up her hands for use. Her legs, however, cannot detach from the wheel as it is her ‘foot’.
• First member of the ‘Powerglide fanclub’ if Powerglide is to believed, Moonracer thinks it’s stupid but silly-stupid so she just rolls her optics at her friend and lets him carry on.
• That being said she is responsible for giving him the push that boosted his ego to the level we all know.
• Has sleepovers with best-neighbour-friend Powerglide.
• Hates her ‘cute’ appearance making her get passed off as naïve and refuses to use it to her advantage in disarming enemies.
• Okay maybe she can be a bit naïve, overly-optimistic and prone to a few pratfalls but what does that matter?
• Deliberately goes on missions that might be seen as a bit ‘much’ to dispel the ‘young and cute’ assumptions about her.
• She will be the most hardcore member of this team damnit! You’ll all see!
• Moonracer may or may not have made a small fool of herself on her first day in the ‘Elita Squad’ and zoned out staring, but she swears she wasn’t staring at Elita or Chromia! Not at all!
• Notice her Elita-senpai
• Elita did notice her and noticed her for her amazing sharpshooting skills.
• Her long-standing friendship with Powerglide shows through when you ask about it as she claims to be the “Best sharpshooter in the Universe”.
• Brags that her sharpshooting skills are so good, she can actually hit the non-existent ball bearings of those spinal-strutless Seekers.
• I’m not cute I’m badass! She pouts adorably while snapping a guards neck and shooting him point-blank during a stealth mission.
• Youngest member of the Elita Squad.
• DeceptiLord kills her by bludgeoning her with a rock.

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