Optimus Prime by CosmicTrashbag

Optimus Prime


23 March 2019 at 10:40:22 MDT

S'ya boy Prime in the Extriverse.

  • Was originally named Orion Pax, duh.
  • Hung around in a ‘friend group’ with Ironhide and Ratchet, with Jazz occasionally swinging in.
  • Met Ratchet when the trainee medic accidentally gave him a concussion, Ironhide was his neighbour growing up and Jazz was just the “cool dude” who was friends with everyone but ended up liking them a lot.
  • Lived with his lone parent Alpha Trion and his younger sister Elita-1 (Yup, prefer siblings).
  • Was never as good at sports as his sister.
  • Legally cannot cuss.
  • Eventually ended up wearing glasses for a while due to straining his optics with the number of books he read. To this day he still has them and occasionally uses them to try to not strain his optics so much.
  • Can practically get drunk off one sip of alcohol. Absolute lightweight. Thankfully no one forces him to drink.
  • Used to be exceptionally clumsy. As in he could trip over the ONE box in an empty hallway or fall UP the stairs.
  • To combat this he was actually given dance classes to help him get a better sense of balance and motion. To this day he’s quite a nifty dancer.
  • They say dying by Unicron’s hand is the second most painful thing in existence.
  • Watching someone attempt to flirt with the oblivious Orion/Optimus is first.
  • Worked as an archivist/file clerk for the council for many years.
  • Discovered one of the council members was embezzling Shanix and some weapons were being sent to odd places like Kaon.
  • Naively believing this to be mistakes and errors of judgment he tried asking the council about this.
  • He was fired from his archivist job and advised to ‘never speak of this again if he didn’t want worse’.
  • He may or may not had left a hidden note behind for whoever took his office to not trust the council. He may also have taken a copy of one of the files.
  • This was where he took up a job as a librarian.
  • Orion considered Soundwave a friend as he was a frequent visitor to his library especially as the bot had recently took up a archivist position. Hmm.
  • Has a ‘sweet tooth’ but pretends he doesn’t.
  • May have hired an investigative journalist to see what this Kaon fuss was about.
  • Unintentionally played an accidental role in riling up the war and fanning its embers into a flame. He’s not aware of this.
  • Was not Prime at the start of the war but took up the mantle a while later.
  • Relaxed up a bit on Earth.
  • Still reads a lot when no one is demanding his attention.
  • May or may not have a guilty pleasure of romcom books.
  • He detests violence. But boy, if Megatron’s face isn’t the most punchable thing he’s ever seen.
  • Team dad. He’s so proud of all of those little rascals.
  • After becoming Prime and making his first speech his sister gave him the robo-noogie of a lifetime. He swears he still has a dent in his helm from that.
  • Was genuinely surprised and quite impressed to discover Galvatron wasn’t like Megatron at all. Guess the ‘bots were right when they referred to him as “new and improved”.
  • Takes his work seriously, but takes his playtime like an excited labrador.
  • Some people are surprised by that but he points out that with the high-stress of the war and the few ‘relaxation’ times he gets, he needs to make the most of his free time.
  • Feels worryingly like a hamster running in a wheel cycling through the same motions again and again. He lies and puts on a nonchalant/brave face but did have deep, deeeep depressive episodes as the monotony of the endless war drove on with little-to-no improvement or end in sight. This also goes for having a lot of concern that after spending so long in this unyielding war he’d be useless and unneeded when it ended.
  • Both he and Elita stood and watched Alpha Trion die. Neither were fast enough to reach him in time.
  • Wiggles his tail when excited but due to it being a stiff piece of metal this actually just results in a little butt-wiggle.
  • Also does a little bouncy trot like this too.
  • Learned the hard way not to even remotely compare Galvatron to Megatron.
  • Has one of those lightbulb smiles. It tends to light a room up.
  • Out of habit, he’ll occasionally pull out his face mask when startled.
  • Wore his face mask for longer than need be, when first on Earth just in case his facial scar unsettled the humans. Ironhide told him to stop being an idiot and he took it off. The humans found his scar to be ‘cool’ and ‘badass’.
  • He got that scar during the early stages of the war (and pre-Prime) when naively he tried to help a downed Decepticon, who responded by shooting him in the face.