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TFA: Guiltaur


6 March 2019 at 14:59:48 MST

Haha A fullbody TFA version of this li'l bugger! Who is actually a canon character in a one-off G1 manga I think. Though I got a idea for him to be in TFA and he'll likely eventually show in the TFA story.

Guiltaur was created by the Decepticons at some point before the shows end.
Originally intended to be a basic clone of Optimus they realised it was a bit weak so tried bolstering up with the best example of Decepticon-hood they had and to give it some 'power' put in a dash of Megatrons code.
Except it was too much and the clone came out a fully-fledged hybrid.
In fear for their lives if Megatron discovered this error the Decepticons dumped the clone on some asteroid and scarpered.

Eventually Guiltaur, with no name and no clue ended up getting taken back to Cybertron by some scouting Autobots who were very concerned about the presence of this hybrid experiment. They learnt on the way back however he was a genuinely shy and nervous individual and expressed an interest in joining the Autobot elite guard seeming to believe it would give the somewhat lost individual a sense of purpose.

Regardless it was still not trusted by a wary council and the famed Kup came out of retirement to deal with this 'kid' and keep an optic on him although he wasn't mega thrilled to end up looking after an entire new troop of cadets once again.
The entire troop was full of characters it was almost hard to keep focus on this one, especially when the budding new medic decided beating someone with their own severed limb was good punishment.

But this little half-con fellow. Every time something bad happened he seemed to believe it was his fault no matter what it was. The kid seemed to constantly put several layers of self-imposed guilt on himself.
So Kup named him Guiltaur.

Guiltaur is an exemplary cadet and always does his best, however, he remembers being abandoned and struggles to keep himself in a place where he feels he 'belongs' as he clearly does not owe anything to either side.
He's sweet-natured but has an issue with handling guns thinking that if he does so then, of course, he's living up to his Decepticon heritage and is a bad, bad mech.

• He dang near had a breakdown first time he was handed a gun as part of training.
• Unlike Scope, who wishes to be a scientist, Guiltaur has no proper idea what route he wants in life.
• Likes flower crowns.
• People who don't know him tend to assume he's bad due to his obviously-con background, everyone who knows him knows he's a good boi.
• Kup figured out that giving this panicky kid a hug for good behaviour (or just every now and then) did absolute wonders for the kid and wonders if he's going soft in his age now.

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