TFA: Galvatron by CosmicTrashbag

TFA: Galvatron


4 March 2019 at 18:31:05 MST

My design for a TFA Galvatron in full! The Alt mode will probably change!

Name: Galvatron
Occupation: Decepticon Leader (and their caretaker, they need one, buncha idiots)

Looking at him now, it’s hard to believe this is the face of a mecha who once brought down the, almost literal, apocalypse upon Cybertron, tearing his way through armies and burning cities to the ground.

Instead Galvatron was blessed with a moments clarity and freedom from the torturous chains that were Unicron and he had a gigantic epiphany.
Namely that as Megatron he was vile and manipulative, taking advantage of others and now he was nothing but a beaten toy existing only to kill, spread fear and hurt others.
(Read more on his past HERE in this ongoing story)
Galvatron did not want that.
From his years of torment his Spark turned into a steel core, powerful, resolute and most importantly… Kind.

Galvatrons new mission in life is to fix the problems going on, to take back what was lost: trust, happiness and peace.
To do this he vows to take care of and look after any and every bot that comes his way.
The ‘cons aren’t bad bot’s, they just need some TLC and to learn more constructive outlets, and, by Primus, he is going to care for and hug each and every bot willing to get them happy and healthy again!

He works tirelessly for others sometimes neglecting himself. Luckily he has his beloved partner, Cyclonus, and long-time friend, Scourge, to help remind him to care for himself.
Something he desperately needs, as his time as a ‘toy’ left scars on him too.
If he gets overstressed or too far into negative emotions or relives something particularly traumatic from when he was Unicron’s plaything he can’t stop himself from acting as if he was in that role again and he’ll turn wild and violent because “He must kill because Unicron demands it”
He has to because that was his purpose… right? It always felt so good? It made master proud! He… he has to… right?

Theme songs:
Knights of Cydonia | Sad Machine | Carry on my Wayward Son | Behind Blue Eyes


  • He is basically Team Mom, he will mom everyone. He is Momatron hardcore mode.
  • Practices Processor-over-Matter but it’s quite dangerous for him as that is a time that he can easily be captured by his past and turn aggressive (even if he is unaware of it, like his body acts out but his mind is still meditating), this often makes it more danger than it’s worth sometimes, yet it can still be good for him.
  • He refused to take Megatron out of Trypticon Prison because if it took him some kind of traumatic-epiphany to snap out of his selfish mindset then ‘mothering’ Megatron wont work to help him.
  • His rather eager and naive streak has lead him to be taken advantage of a little. Sari once convinced him ‘Yeet’ is a traditional human expression.
  • Has a good sense of humor and occasionally lets out a good comeback/joke himself.
  • He genuinely wants to make people happy. Stop the suffering already damnit.
  • He wears the rear guard because he’s shy about people ogling his rear. It’s detachable.
  • He took off his cannon years ago in an attempt to try and help Cyclonus and Scourge come out of their Unicron-controlled daze. Instead it got crushed in the ensuing fight as Unicron pitted them against him.Somewhere deep in his systems he has the blueprints to make a new one but he doesn’t want one.
  • He’s not to be taken advantage of, however, he was still created by Unicron to be his top destroyer, slayer of worlds. If there is no other method left, no course of action he can take, he will fight and he will fight hard with the fury of a thousand stars he will not let you ruin this chance at peace, this chance at life.
  • He refuses to swear/curse and uses many different replacements in order not to. “Oh biscuits!” is a common phrase for him to utter.

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