TFA: Bedlam by CosmicTrashbag

TFA: Bedlam


4 March 2019 at 10:22:23 MST

Bedlam fell through the rift with Cyclonus and Cyclotron too, however, she was just a mere newspark and ended up far, far away from them both.
Too fresh, soft and new to survive Bedlam’s ‘rescue’ came in the form of wildlife, in particular, a non-terrestrial species of strange bird.

Life saved, Bedlam had to pick up whatever she could from them or her own basic programming showing her to transform on instinctual code alone.
Despite this new ability she still couldn’t fly very well, unable to break free of a planet’s atmosphere or remain too high for long.
This lack of flight capability left her to essentially ‘adopt’ one of the Birds as a kind of ‘smart pet/steed’ prompting her to end up breaking from the main flock and heading off on her own, with no one but the bird for company for a long, long time.

Eventually, she came to Earth, riding her steed down and curiously playing around in a scrap yard until a particular Decepticon triple-changer found her and brought her back to the base albeit she did not come willingly and sank her dental units into Blitzwings arm, clawing everything she could reach.
Luckily for her certain other horned mecha had ended up on Earth at the same time and old baseline instinctual code booted up again and she ran to the arms she recognized from so, so long ago but not before laying some feral smack-down on others present.


  • She is classed as a twin however she was ‘carried’ by Galvatron and her twin ‘carried’ by Cyclonus but it was at the same time.
  • Before leaving Earth she managed to rip off Blitzwings arm and give him the run around before dropping it and jumped Megatron clawing his face up.
  • She didn’t know how to speak when she was tearfully reunited with the little family she had at that time but picked up the basics fairly quickly. She is no wordsmith and probably never will be, preferring to communicate via grunts, hisses and growls.
  • Her way of displaying affection (or generally wanting attention) is to bite people. Hard. Surprisingly, this isn’t appreciated by most people.
  • Has a bad habit of hunting critters and leaving half-chewed carcasses around, particularly for people she likes.
  • When she’s reunited with the rest of her family including her carrier, Galvatron names her pet/companion “ABBA” which stemmed from the shortening of it’s ‘common’ name “A.B.A”.
  • Gets on pretty dang well with her ‘Uncle’ Scourge.
  • If she finds something she deems precious or in need of protecting she will stash it away in a small, dark, hard-to-find place.
  • Yes, she will walk on all fours and carry things in her mouth if the mood so takes her.
  • She technically never got named but became 'Bedlam' after she, well, caused Bedlam at a Decepticon base and it seemed fitting for a little wild spark like her.

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