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Male and Female Aurum by cooley

Male and Female Aurum


Originally, this project was meant to be a male/female Aurum character sheet. I dug it out, flipped the characters around (so they faced each other), splashed a little color on it, and called it good. I will probably not make this a full color piece.

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Images are deliberately posted in low resolution. If you wish to see detailed samples of my artwork, please contact me.


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    Such beautiful and inspired creations! I love all of the different design elements you used to create a cohesive, but obviously very fantastical, creature.

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      Thank you - that means a lot! I've been playing around with the design a lot lately.

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    They're really beautiful. The design of the feathers and their bodies is lovely, and I like your attention to anatomy. The two facing each other like that worked out really well. With the added colour and their expressions it seems like they're having a moment.

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      Thank you! I'm glad it worked out as if they are having a moment - the characters do have a connection but I haven't quite worked it out yet. Glad you like them!