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Looking for my art? You can find it on tumblr in the "razzart" tag and every Tuesday on my comics site, Confiscated Retina. NSFW art is here. My writing can be found on Archive of Our Own and

You can still commission me and may post your finished commissions anywhere you like. All I ask is that you credit me as the artist and link to my tumblr or comics site. The same applies to any gift art made for you by me.

Feel free to note me here or leave comments if you'd like. I'll stop by every week or so.

Latest Journal

Best Place to Find Razz

Yooooo! I'll post here once in a great while, but the best places to find me are always going to be tumblr!


nsfw art:

comic (on hiatus):


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    Hey Razzek it's Ratgirl! :) How you been?

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    Hey there Razz! :D Glad to see you here!

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    Haiiiii :3

    I found you there as well >:I *stalks*

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      I'm very quiet here, but it's still great to see you! :)

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    Thank you very much for the fav! :D much appreciated! ;)

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    I'm going to +fav bomb your art now, excuse me woman. <3