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Hi there! :D

My name is Arsillyd or Lyswen, whichever name you prefer! ;)

For such a long time I've been a loyal member on Deviantart (I still am) But I wanted to search a new art community, since DA litteraly has been overpopulated in my opinion. From friends I've learned about Weasyl! And I must say, I realy love it so far! The site looks very clean, it has great customisation options, and the community is new, fresh, and alive! :D ... I think I'll stick here for a long while! :D

for those who'd love to follow me on DA, here is the link: (there you'll find much older works as well)

<u>More about me: </u>

I've always been working with different art mediums from the start. Making art is simply such a great thing to do, and that's why I'm now following an academic course about animation! Thus far, the course is way to general (seriously, all the different things that are connected with animation is simply mind blowing), so after this, I'll continue with a specialisation in concept art!

I mostly draw animals and fantasy critters. I draw humans as well, but more for studying the general anatomy.

my prefered mediums are: acrylic paints, colored pencils, watercolours, ecoline,

if I would work digitally, I work with programs such as Photoshop, painter and paint tool sai.

and voila! :D

Oh, about them commissions, atm I only do the €50 ones. More different types of commissions will come in the future. If you do have a question or a certain project in mind, you can send me an email!


Dragon Commissions

Traditional Full body + textured bg
€ 50.00

Traditional full body + textured bg (applied with Photoshop)

This type of commissions combines black balpointpen-lines with one of the 2 traditional techniques:

-coloured pencils (derwent coloursoft, polychromos faber castles, caran d'ache)

-watercolours (Winsor and Newton) + soft afterdetails pencils

When scanned into photoshop, the drawing will receive an overhaul in textures and colours.

Prize is €50,00 and will not change. However, If your character is very complex, I might ask for a supplement at the beginning.

an extra Character is + €20,00

Payment is trough Paypal only! You have to pay after the 2nd (clean) sketch.

What I will draw: Dragons, and other fantasy critters, regular animals are fine too!

What I won't draw: humans (I need more practise), furries, anything that suggest sexual themes.

WARNING! The result uploaded on computer might look different from the actual result (colour correction, levels, bg)

note me for exemples!



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    woow!!! omg!! Your work is truly an inspiration!!! thaanks so much for follow me :3

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    you're very welcome! :3

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    Welcome to Weasyl ^^

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      thank you! it's very good to be here! :D great community, awesome customisation, I'll stay here for a lon long while! :D

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    Thank you for follow! *followin you back! :D)

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      Thankies!! :D much appreciated! :D And thank you for the friend invite! :D I must say, Im very enthousiastic about weasyl! :O The community is fresh, the look and customisation is great! I must keep my eye on this one! :D

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        Yep, it looks very nice, maybe I´ll stay a little longer too :D but DA will be always my no.1 :D:D