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From a Growshi to a Tubshi by Colorgasmatic

From a Growshi to a Tubshi


16 May 2018 at 05:44:42 MDT

Backstory: Caused by all the times he'd been taunting/calling others fat, just for that he's one of the most fit reptiles around. Then he wakes up one morning, finding himself all swollen round and big in surprise and shocked for whatever odd reason. D:
I'd like to imagine that being part of his "karma" striking back for all those times. xD

Along with his electric powers he's pretty much shaped like a lightbulb. x3

I asked McTaylis if it was alright for me to draw it out and it was all cool and couldn't be happier. It had to be done! :D

Also, I feel like redraw it over digitally and color it at some point in the future, maybe.

Yetshi McTaylis (c) McTaylis:
Art (c) Colorgasmatic