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Hey there! I'm Colorian Matic the genie, but you can just call me "Color"..C:

As a fellow furry ape genie that I am, I like to have some fun within the aesthetic subject(video games belongs in here too). I can be nice in person, mostly quite childish even, but there's also times where I can get strict whenever I'm serious about certain things...if I have enough energy for it. I get really uncomfortable during stress, even sick...

As I've said above, I do enjoy having fun, which is about talking about interests and stuff, sometimes do fun activities(except sports; DON'T EVEN LIKE IT!) including gaming, social stuff. Not getting drunk hard stuff(that's just plain stupid...).

If your opinion is completely different from mine, I'm alright with that. HOWEVER, opinions which includes wishing death or to hurt other people then don't expect me to even look at you as a friend...or even a person to begin with.

If you have a different lifestyle, sexual orientation, handicap, etc. I'm cool with that. The point is that we try to understand each other as much as we can(not too much since I don't really want to know what you're doing in your private life...) to avoid any misunderstandings and fights. I try my best doing that and I'm really sorry if I don't... =/
I'm only human, y'know. (Errrr...ape)

I love getting comments which I don't mind responding back to when I have time, so don't be shy and leave a comment here if you like. I'm open for that.^^ Keep in mind though, I will only respond if I feel it is necessary for me to, so yeah, don't expect a 100% response from me on every single comment. Some of them tend to get random(and weird) and I don't really know what to say. xD
Basically, I read the comments I get, I just don't always respond back. =)

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Hey there!

I'm Colorian Matic, but you can just call me "Color" for short.

I'm making my way here on Weasyl to upload some of my art that I've made by far! Some of them, not all of them, not the really old ones to be specific, but if you're still curious to see the older artworks I've done in the past you're always free to check out my DeviantART userpage. x)

I felt like I needed to expand myself to post up my art and take the time to check out what this website has to offer.

For now, I'm sure this place will be a nice one!^^

(I did make this account in 1st April, but "personal reasons" prevented me from going on at that moment.)

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