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Birthday Footpaw Mattress by Colorgasmatic

Birthday Footpaw Mattress


16 May 2018 at 06:11:36 MDT

(Originally uploaded on November 21, 2017)

"You guys sure are enjoying yourselves aren't ya? Well, I hope you don't mind if I keep pumping up my paw some more then~ blows more air into my thumb, making my paw inflate and balloon out bigger and bigger

So, I came to visit McTaylis' villa place and they were happy to show me around. After all that I told them that I had a "special present" for them as a gift and my token of appreciation.
Yash and Yetshi were both glad and wondered what I had in store for them, which is when I showed them my thumb. They didn't understand...until I started blowing into it and my left paw began to swell up bigger.
The twins noticed it was inflating and got really excited seeing me puffing it up bigger and bigger. I gladly told them they could climb and lie on it if they wanted to. They hopped on with no hesitation. I did reach the ceiling, but I kept on puffing it up more and more and more. Seems like both Yash and Yetshi are enjoying themselves being on my big balloon paw, especially Yetshi. xD

Happy Birthday, my good Pawshi twins! ;)

While feet aren't part of my fetishes, I don't mind trying it out for my good friend. x3
Also, this is my way to show my appreciation to all who's into it feet and paws, so no worries. You guys are cool! Do ya thing! ;)
A quite belated birthday gift to McTaylis that I finally got done! I hope this gift of mine was really worth waiting for, Yash/Yetshi. :3

Yash McTaylis & Yetshi McTaylis (c) McTaylis:
Colorian "Color" the Genie (c) Colorgasmatic
Art by Colorgasmatic