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Skate Friends by coalwax

Skate Friends


27 July 2016 at 22:54:56 MDT


"Call me crazy, but I'm actually starting to LIKE this dopey little town! I mean, you guys feel it too right? The rush... The adrenaline! When you're out there on the board... Anything can happen! Hehe, who knows, you might even bump into somebody special like this dirty dog over here. HAH!"

"Hmhmhmhmh Shtop.... man, I'm trying to eat here! .... Well, if I bumped into somebody they would be killed, so I guess I'll never meet my special somebody! Oh, unless people actually want to talk to a big old sniffly moose like me. And whats going on here? You're acting all positive for once!"

"Heheh, well I'm excited about THIS guy! I mean, we have a punk hyena who lives in old town. She's in a band, she lifts weights, she's as loud as a truck, she has a KID, and those ears can't be the only things pierced. Then we have... snk... Mama's little boy here!! HAHAHA! He's boring, he got a perfect GPA, he's an accountant, he SUCKS at skateboarding... My god. What the HELL happens when you bring these two together? I'm excited! Are YOU excited? I mean, dinner's still on at hers right?"

"...Yeah, it's still on. I'm quite nervous. Oh boy... She's just so much. I... I guess I'm afraid of heights, and I'm scared to take the leap you know!"

"Hey. I hope it goes well. I really do. You know, we'd love to see a smile on your face for once. A smile that says, everything is all right."

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