Hearthorn by Clove Darkwave


I came upon she

My mind like rustling leaves

And she touched upon me

My spirit like flowered foul deeds

And she breathed upon me

My heart blown out like dandelion's seeds

And she loved upon me

My life garden filled with flowers and weeds


Clove Darkwave

21 March 2013 at 13:53:40 MDT

Nothing much to say, let the imagery say it all.

For my dearest.

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    "The scent of roses masks the grave as much as it lures them to it."

    A thing I thought of suddenly while staring at the lines. Sorry if its a tad darker than what this piece ended up being, but I figure you'd appreciate hearing it all the same. Maybe if it strikes me so I'll think of a reply piece to this.

    ...That above line reminds me of Fennia or Absinthe. I'll have to incorporate that into a picture with one of them.

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      The original copy was much, much more morbid. It still is, but it is more implied and less directly there.

      I'll always be your dark gentleman, love.

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        Oh ho, I certainly wasn't apologizing for how dark it was, more that the line that came to mind for me was darker than intended for this version of the piece specifically.

        As long as you always will be and be mine, I will never stop loving the things you do for me.

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          No matter where the light may shine, the darkness will always be there waiting for it.