Wallet: Wolf and Ivy by cloudstarwolf

Wallet: Wolf and Ivy


21 January 2014 at 20:05:02 MST

Was waiting for a sunny day to take a good picture of this project! That and a new camera charger, I lost the old one!
No pattern and all scrap leathers were used : the tooling leather had discolorations and a couple of pinprick mold spots ( that the dye covered up), and the black leather inside is from an old leather duster!

Hand stitched with faux sinew ( waxed thread), and I used mostly eco-flo tandy leather products which are enviromentally friendly. Very small amounts of acrylic were used for the eyes and the pink on the scars, and green for the leaves, the black is dye and I used a resisting technique for the 'white'.

I've got a beeswax waterproofer that I'm going to use for the wallet, and any other leather projects to waterproof and protect them.
Overall I'm thrilled with this new medium :3

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    Oh my, this is lovely! The details are incredible and I love the colors!

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      Thank you so very much for the compliments! When I get the time and post more, I have totally improved upon this design :) .

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    I didn't know leather works could be painted, this is lovely indeed!

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      Thank you! Painted or dyed! A lot of times it depends on how the leather is going to be used? I didn't know how it would be with acrylics on something that gets a lot of use/abuse like a wallet. But my wallet hasn't changed much from this at all and it's almost been a year, and I have the same report from other customers. It's rather neat!

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    Oh, how cool! the colors on this are really lovely, great motif. Leatherworking seems like such a neat craft!

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      Thank you! I was going for the "worn leather" look- and in the nearly year since I've had the wallet, it hasn't changed much from this picture! I love leatherworking. It's very calming and relaxing of a craft, until you get to stitching! XD