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on 30 July 2015 at 23:49:58 MDT

Payment: PayPal -
Do not put anything in the comments when paying PayPal. Just send it to my name and tell me you've done so. I get an immediate alert when I receive it.

Min $3 Headshots: You want a headshot of your character? Sounds good! Minimum is $3. I'll at least sketch it out and color it, either from a suggested palette, or if you have a ref I'll totally go off of that. The more you put down for it, the more work I'll put into it. Depending on how detailed your character is, I may even shade it, put magic effects on it, glows, etc.

Min $5 Body Shot: I'll totally go wild on drawing your character. Minimum is $5 if I'm going off of a reference. Check out my gallery to see the kind of species I'm used to! I can totally do ponies, no problem. I'll draw and color it, for sure. I'll shade it if you send me a fair amount... or if I'm just in the groove with it, (or nobody is waiting on me for something else.) If you want to textually reference your character and give me a few pics of specific portion references, then I'll need at least $6.

Min $8 Action!: You want me to draw up more than one character? Bumpin' uglies, or fighting? I can totally do that. Minimum of $8, as long as there's visual reference of each character. This comes with being sketched and colored, just like the rest, but as like the others... shading, magic effects, and sexual fluids are a little more time consuming. Still another +$1 for every character you have to describe to me, 'cause looking around all those references and reading your info can take some time.

Limits on Content: I'm not gonna draw diapers. I'm not good at urine or excrement. Otherwise, age, gore level, subjects... whatever.
Just know that if you ask for something you haven't seen before in my gallery, (super ultra mega robots, for example,) it's probably going to be TERRIBLE, but I'm gonna try.

Ratings: From G to R and all the way to XXX.

NOTE: I do not offer uncolored. My style is primarily lined, and I love coloring. It's pretty easy, and fun.

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