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texiutlati atlapalmeh by chiltikcoatl

texiutlati atlapalmeh


9 March 2014 at 12:51:54 MDT

"texiutlati atlapalmeh" means "wings in pain" as I cannot find a correct translation for "stiff wings" and well, this one particularly took me around 5 days to complete, posibly one of my most complex works even for a rather simple volcano-like background.

I won't let my wings to keep being hurt anyomre, it's extremelly annoying to be changing the blood-soaked abandages every time, and it's really uneasy to have them inmovilized.

Underneat the bandages these wings are healthy, the flesh and the feathers have grown back... however, those are currently weak and stuff, at the same time I must take care of them so the nocive environment I live on won't damage them again, and also to work them out, since as long as they remain rigid I cannot use them to fly away.