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Always Together (by Chuziku) by Charlie_kit

Always Together (by Chuziku)


This is a commission by Chuziku of little Virgil and Korrina sharing a tender moment together...and Korrina's feeling for him were far beyond lust.

Korrina blushed hard as Virgil gently undressed her, slowly peeling her blouse and jeans off. She didn't expect the sweet kitsune kit to undress her like that. If someone else underessed her she would have been very lustful...but it felt gently and caring when Virgil did it. LIkewise, Virgil felt rather shy as she was doing the same, gently undoing his diaper and his tee shirt.

"This is all so strange to me," Korrina blushed, "If this was any other boy, I would have been on you wanting to mate already." Virgil blushed as he nosed her cheek shyly.

"Me, too," Virgil whispered, "But not for what you said...but because I have such a pretty girl who really likes me just as I am." Korrina smiled and nuzzled his cheek.

"Would my little guy like a bubble bath?" Korrina smiled as she led him to the bathroom, watching him smile as his two tails wagged happily, "Such a handsome guy I have." Virgil blushed as she pulled the tap and got the bubble bath going.

"K-Korrina," Virgil started to ask, "Wanna bathe with me?" As the water filled up, he climbed in and gently looked at her.

"I-I'd love to," Korrina blushed as she joined him, taking his paw to steady her step into the tub. The two giggled and smiled as they splish-splashed water all over each other and enjoyed the bubbly suds. The two played and soaked in the warm water till Virgil reached his paws out and gently squeezed Korrina's paws.

"Isn't it wonderful?" Virgil cooed softly, "From what started as a night for you to play with my big bro...turned into a wonderful relationship?"

"S-sure is," Korrina blushed and mumbled, "I never expected to enjoy something like this...a relationship that doesn't have any lust behind it. Just an innocent one with a young man who's still my little boy." They both blushed as she turned her head, shying away a bit.

"If you're ready," Virgil blushed, "I'd love to experience the mysteries of mating, especially it's about my love for you."

"I'll let you know dear," she blushed hard as she gently gazed back into his eyes, "But y-yes, I think if we get there, I'm with the one person who'll always be my mate."

"I wonder if a kitsune'roo would need your pouch," Virgil mused as Korrina reached over and clung to Virgil.

"I honestly would like to find that out sometime," Korrina purred softly, "Oh boy, we're already talking that far ahead...look at us being silly kids." The two started to gently bathe and clean up each other as they kept talking.

"Love you, Korrina," Virgil cooed softly as she lathered her chest up, "You're such a wonderful caretaker to me...hope you'll stay with me always since you know exactly what your kit likes."

"With the way I feel?" Korrina asked, "I don't think that'll be a problem. You're too special to leave...I always want to be with you.."

"Cookies after bathtime?" Virgil asked with a soft giggle.

"Aww, sure thing, Virgie," Korrina smiled as he fussed cutely.

A big thanks for a cute pic.

Vigil and Korrina (c) Charlie_kit
artwork (c) Chuziku

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