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Our Little Secret (by NazzNikoNanuke) by Charlie_kit

Our Little Secret (by NazzNikoNanuke)


This is a commission by NazzNikoNanuke of Iggy and Amber sharing a tender moment together as Iggy helps her to come to terms with her youth.

It took Iggy a few days to finally get Amber to fess up to Aurora that she was pulling Vulpix mischief to appear older than she was. After the dust cleared from that little revelation, Amber was feeling very shy around the very cubs she helped take care of, especially iggy. Mostly because she was now as tiny as they were...but in Iggy's case she felt a real kinship with him, a feeling of a strong friendship with the kit. During naptime just before Iggy could fall asleep, Amber softly grabbed his paw and smiled.

"Iggy," Amber cooed, "I gotta make potties."

"Amber!" Iggy quitely pouted, "Just go siwwy...don' tell me." Amber shook her head and nosed his cheek.

"Come pwease," she led him, "I want'cha to see me potty wike you."

"Miss Aurora won' be happy," Iggy softly fussed as she closed the nursery bathroom door and locked it.

"Iggy," Amber blushed, "I want be jus' us." She sat on the potty set and held Iggy's paw as the two blushed, their eyes meeting as she relaxed herself, slowly wetting her training pants.

"Someone jeawous of me?" Iggy asked, referring to the fact he enjoyed just being in diapers and not worrying about the restroom.

"Guess I am," Amber answered, using some of her more grown-up voice, "My mom always wanted me to be big...but I just don't wanna be big. And I heard you still enjoy your mom's teat - your daddy's such a big baby too."

"Fink your mommy cawe if you say wittle?" Iggy blushed as he knew that her mom might not understand her little side.

"I think she'll gripe and all...maybe we need to get Miss Aurora and your mom to tell her."

"Wet's do that!"

"Well...I have a big secret to share with you too. It's why you're with me," Amber bit her lip, "You're a special friend...I don't want that to change."

"What dat?"

"I wanna stay with you, maybe have my mom let me move in with you," Amber blushed hard, "I think I'd be happier with someone who wouldn't mind raising me like a baby."

"I'd wike dat," Iggy blushed as he licked her nose, "But your mommy need time with you too."

"I know...your folks and Miss Aurora and mom need to figure it out," Amber answered, leaping into Iggys arms smiling, rubbing noses with her little Vulpix-fox.

A big thanks for a cute commission.

Iggy and Amber (c) Charlie_kit
Vulpix (c) Game Freak and Pokemon USA
artwork (c) NazzNikoNanuke

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