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Skipping Easter Service (by Cambody) by Charlie_kit

Skipping Easter Service (by Cambody)


This is a commission by Cambody of Auburn and her fiance Andy being naughty little kits by skipping Easter service and spoiling themselves.

Andy was fidgeting with his tie as he got ready for Easter service. While there really wasn't any religion on the furry world, there was still an Easter service to celebrate Easter in a formal way; it was more of a spring celebration and the kickoff to the festival and everyone had their Easter best. Andy was still fidgeting with his tie as Auburn started to tease him.

"My little boy still working on that tie?" Auburn smirked as she hid his dress pants from him, "Being all big and grown-up for the kits...that's not much fun."

"Auby!" Andy whined as she hid the pants, "We gotta set a good example."

"But you're a little boy!" Auburn fussed as she crawled along.

"Auby!" Andy continued to fuss as he had to chase her from their room, through the kitchen and over to the living room where their baskets full of candy were waiting for them. Auburn started to sniff for chocolate, acting like a bratty little vixen.

"My little boy wanna have some sweets?" Auburn murrs and cooed playfully as she tugged out a chocolate bunny by the feet.

"But the service!" Andy fussed as Auburn sat down and started to nibble on the bunny.

"I don't wanna go," Auburn whined, "I wanna play...and I want my Andy!" Andy blushed as he crawled over as Auburn spread herself out so Andy could get up close and share the sweets. He shyly gazed at Auburn as he crawled over, the vixen teasing Andy with the bunny. Andy couldn't hold up apperances for long as he started to nibble on the ears.

"You're such a twerp, Auby!" Andy fussed as he started to nibble on the ears.

"But here you are little kit!" Auburn teased as the two started to munch on the bunny together.

"How about the service?"

"I wanna play...and my little boy has some eggs to hid for the kiddos, and for me," Auburn winked as then kept nomming on the bunny. Not even the whining of their three adopted kits could stop them. Their two parents were acting like little kits and making a big mess out of the living room and the Easter baskets.

A big thanks for a cute commission.

Auburn and Andy (c) Charlie_kit
artwork (c) Cambody

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