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Baby Jaguar for Hire (by Subdivisions) by Charlie_kit

Baby Jaguar for Hire (by Subdivisions)


This is a commission by Subdivisions of the jaguar girl Isabella who is making a case that she should be hired to manage a toy story.

Percy was doing quite well running Pride of the Jungle. He had quite a draw and lots of business from both within and without Kit Crossing. However even for an enterprising kitten like Percy the success of his store led to a need to expand his toys store to other locations within the city. But he needed some good help, someone to help him manage his stores as he led the business and of course tend to his pride. He had several good applicants interview with him. They all seemed to be competent managers but he felt they weren't playful enough to run a toy store. That was till a very cute jaguar came on and asked if the position was still open. When it came time to meet Percy in person, she blushed as she saw he was dressed as Diego. She had a BIG fantasy of being Baby Jaguar and that really got her imagination going.

"Mmm...are you Perseus?" Isabella extended her paw out for a handshake.

"I am, you must be Isabella," Perseus smiled as his tail swayed, "I hear you are interested in being a manager for my toy stores...would you like to share your interest in the role?" Isabella shared her experiences in retail and in business management...mostly dry and boring details. Percy was impressed with her professional background but he felt that didn't get him a deep enough impression of Isabella. What he didn't notice was that Isabella was tugging her capris off and reared up like a kitten, wiggling her thick pink diaper at him and holding a pink collar.

"From what I heard, your success came from you being able to related to the other kiddos," Isabella purred as she pounced him playfully, "And that you make a cute Diego."

"Y-you do look like Baby Jaguar," Percy blushed hard as she nuzzled his cheek.

"Call me Izzy," she purred and smiled, "And...if you feel I'm the candidate for the role, can I stay with you? And...can you collar me?"

"Izzy!" Percy eeped as she looked into him with little kitten's eyes, "This isn't becoming a manager...maybe my pridemates!"

"Oooh," Isabella smiled, "You actually are mated with a pride of girls? That sounds fun!" She smiled and licked his nose, watching him blush.

"Don't think mommy would mind," Percy blushed, "but this still isn't good conduct for a professional..."

"I know," Isabella blushed, "the other reason though, I've saw you in the toy store and...I kinda have a crush on you too." Percy couldn't figure out what was going on; the candidate was kind of hitting on him but he didn't mind; she was a more athletic, spontaneous Jessica who loved to enjoy the same fantasies he did...and those cute spots.

"Well...I did get to watch you a little bit with the help of Nastasha, the plushie maker," Perseus giggled, "She's one of my pridemates too...and she watched you interact with the cubs and thought you were a good big sister type. She also said you gave her a big paw in tracking and organizing her plushie supplies. And..." Percy couldn't say any more. She was just too cute not to kiss as he reached in, softly kissing her lips, then snuggly secured the pink collar on her.

"So, what' the verdict?"

"Might take a day or two before I can make a decision," Percy blushed, "So I can make a good professional decision. But...would you mind if could could go on a date with me and my cutie Miharu? We can have a big Dora playdate if you'd like." Isabella blushed deeply, but grinned; one of his other mates as she found was a big Dora fan. The little fantasy drove her nuts.. But to be honest, they were both quite infatuated with each other too. Maybe on top of her business acumen he may have found another pridemate. His mommy would certainly not mind as long she was a good kitten. Even if she didn't become a manager...she wanted her to be in his pride.

A big thanks for a cute commission.

Isabella (c) Charlie_kit
artwork (c) Subdivisions

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