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Life is Like a Rocking Boat - by fantasyleader by Charem

Life is Like a Rocking Boat - by fantasyleader


Sometimes life really sucks. Even if you have friends or family, and even if you are lucky enough to have found the love of your life. Just because you have good people to stick with, it doesn't change the fact you're all still riding the waves of life. And those waves can be calm, a little rough, or downright stormy...

The ocean of life is never easy, and it's not always easy to see where the next port you can rest at might lie. The weather might be good or bad, and nobody can predict this either. You just have to have faith...and keep enduring. No matter how many 'crew' your boat might have, you can get through this. Stand out on deck, take hold of the sails, and resist the urge to hide below deck. You're stronger than the storm.

This was a really sweet comic Alex drew for me and my boyfriend Eragon. There's been a lot of rough things going on in both my and Eragon's lives, some of it in regards to each other, and so it's been hard to handle it all. Alex heard about some of these things, and felt driven to draw this comic - even though he hasn't drawn in a while.

It really warmed my heart to see this comic...and actually put me to tears too. It is a very special picture and it means a lot to me...thank you, Alex. :-)

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    Where are you trying to go?

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      It's all allegorical. Represents life. :3