Charem the Shadox: Sugimori-Style Ref (SFW) - by Achromatic by Charem

Charem the Shadox: Sugimori-Style Ref (SFW) - by Achromatic


11 June 2017 at 13:21:36 MDT

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Ever wanted a Pokedex entry on me? Well, good luck catching me, in the first place...but if you do manage it, you'll get quite the wealth of information~

I am a Pokemon at heart, after all, and fully-compatible with the 'Dex. Consider me a relative of the Eeveelution line; not quite part of it, but having affectionate ties to all those myriad foxes. At the same time I am, of course, my own canine; Shadoxes are my own species, and whether you want to consider them a Fanmon or simply an original species apart from Pokemon, I can fit either role quite well. <3

...Though if you want my pick? Yeah, I'm totally a OWN Pokemon~ I used to be a Charmeleon before I was a Shadox, and completely cutting ties with that series in who I am is not something I'm gonna do~ But I am more than happy to make my very OWN Pokemon! And now, I finally have a proper reference sheet like any species should~

Achromatic did this complex piece, and he was an absolute joy to commission, making sure I liked every little detail~ If the style looks familiar or uncanny, that's because the artist is a master of mimicry~! I asked him to do all the art in the style of Ken Sugimori's - who was the original artist for Pokemon and has done a TON of the character designs and character promotional art.

I saw Achro put together a neat Umbreon ref sheet in Ken's style and I knew I needed to have that style done for my Shadox. What better way than to show how my species IS a Pokemon? <3 I was not disappointed; Achro did a great job not only drawing me in Sugimori's style but also adapting my character better into the style; you may notice this with the slight change to my build and how my facial details are slightly changed. I definitely approve of the tweaks; it vastly improved the overall look~!

Thanks again Achro! Your attention to detail and concern for getting things juuust right really made this worth it. (He's also a VERY affordable person to commission, too!)


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    hm.. wonder whats with that empty bottom right spot ..

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    tbh Shadox looks kinda like a ghost eeveevolution

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      That is the point actually! :3 It is exactly that, unofficially!