Growlithes Are Spirited Little Guys...! - by redmetalfox by Charem

Growlithes Are Spirited Little Guys...! - by redmetalfox


15 April 2017 at 18:27:37 MDT

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Don't underestimate a perky puppy. Growlithes might be small - especially compared to their magnificently-sized evolution - but they've already got the spirit of the massive dogs they'll one day turn into. brawlfan is one of such pups himself, as it seems he had his mind set on having a rather big snack! Eating a dog much bigger and flabbier than you is an idea most creatures would find intimidating, but the stubborn fire-dog wanted Shadox for dinner...and gosh dang it, with a lot of insistent shoving, hard swallows, and plenty of patience, he got what he wanted!

...K-kinda tight in here, all said. >//>

This was a drawing done by   redmetalfox! He did it as a request to   brawlfan117, the Growlithe in this pic, who's rather wanted to eat me for quite some time~ Wish granted!