Both Ghosts & Balloons Are Lighter Than Air... - by Masonc1 by Charem

Both Ghosts & Balloons Are Lighter Than Air... - by Masonc1


15 April 2017 at 18:29:21 MDT

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...So, why not combine the two?

Okay, it may not be the soundest logic when it comes to CERTAIN ghosts, like me. After all, we Shadoxes are voracious enough that we don't really count as 'light' ghosts; on the contrary, we tend to be very, very fat! This doesn't mean I can't appreciate a bit of, 'featherweightedness', though, from time to time. It really gets me back to my incorporeal ghost-roots.

...But, I do so love having a corporeal the next best thing to achieve this is obviously to be thin-skinned and helium-filled~ Oh yes; I can make quite an effective doggy-balloon. Shape-shifting isn't too tricky for me, and there is hardly a simpler form to turn into than a balloon! Even a Shadox-pup could do it~

It's quite perfect with my body type too~ I look totally cute with my features all simplified and plump, and sound all too adorable when every wriggle makes me squeak! Most importantly, with my bloatable belly and big 'ol tail converted into shiny rubber with plenty of empty space within each, there's more than enough room for enough helium to send me to the moon~

...Th-though...balloons pop when they get too high...! Uh, on second thought...does anybody have a spare string...? I'll happily serve as your party balloon or something if you do! o//o

So   masonc1 was looking for somebody to inflate on Twitter the other day. I don't like to bug people about requests these days, but he's got a cute style and I felt easy-going so I threw my lot in, suggested making me a balloon too~ To my surprise he not only ended up picking me but also did the balloon idea - and super-cutely at that! ^^ I absolutely adore how he inflated my tail here too; it seems only appropriate given how floofy it normally is! Thank you again Mason. <3

I think I'll do more rubber-Shadox stuff some point in the future. I wouldn't mind doing vore like that, and having somebody stuck in my semi-transparent belly, able to look out. ;3

Though I do have a question for you, viewers! What would be more desirable to you guys: a balloon-Shadox like this, or a pooltoy-Shadox? Leave a comment, lemme know; it might influence things I get~