[V-DAY] Fat Love is Good Love~ - by fantasyleader by Charem

[V-DAY] Fat Love is Good Love~ - by fantasyleader


15 April 2017 at 18:27:19 MDT

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It's good to be fat. But it's even better to be fat with somebody you love. <3 That's one of the many things I love about my boyfriend, Eragon the Charmander... He cares about me so much that he joined in on my interests, including interests of the flabby variety~ Now he's a pretty fat lizzy (in two different states too, one behemoth and one just soft n' cuddly!), and it makes me feel warm and fuzzy that I inspired such a thing!

Or maybe that warmth is his flabby, fiery scales smooshing heavily down into my belly-weight. Hard to tell~ ^_^

I didn't actually have anything planned for Valentine's Day, but   fantasyleader/Alex popped up outta nowhere tonight and spontaneously came to my rescue! <3 Alex is a great friend to both me and Eragon...not surprising really, considering Chars gotta stick together, and I used to be one too so~!

Seriously though, this was totally sweet of Alex to do. ^//^ He really supports my relationship with Eragon, and that's just awesome of him. I guess I know a lot of awesome Charmanders, thinking about it~ <3

<3 <3 Love you Eragon~ Let's go get some more fooooood~ <3 <3

And Happy Valentine's everybody!