Floofy Flares Fatten Fully - by Polaris-the-Flareon by Charem

Floofy Flares Fatten Fully - by Polaris-the-Flareon


15 April 2017 at 18:27:09 MDT

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Fire-types do love a hot meal, but what's 'hot' to a normal creature is really just warm for such a Pokemon. But another fire-type certainly works just fine as a truly-hot meal~ Nice of Polaris to help me warm my tummy just right here, hehe~!

This was something   Polaris-the-Flareon drew, featuring him and my Charmeleon self! I believe this was part of a big series that was planned to be done (hence the 'A bit later...'), but I can't quite remember what that was. This was the only page that was done I believe, but it's still real cute so I figured I would share it nonetheless. ^^