NOW Who's the Bigger Boyfriend? Pt 3/3 - by Flame by Charem

NOW Who's the Bigger Boyfriend? Pt 3/3 - by Flame


15 April 2017 at 18:14:03 MDT

We've established already that Behemoth-Eragon can entirely control me if he so chooses. But Chars...they don't half-ass something they're doing. They've got a fiery passion, and once they hit upon a good idea, they see it to the best possible conclusion...ergo, the most fun one~ I should know what I'm talking about; I used to be a Charmeleon, after all!

So naturally, Eragon wouldn't JUST pin me under his belly and butt. Trapping me like that certainly made me subservient and fully in his control...but he could do better, now couldn't he? Why, such a thick body like his gets hungry all the time after all, and I was right there...and I could be trapped so much more THOROUGHLY too, couldn't I?~

All it took for the big-bodied Char was to sit up... Taking all that belly-weight off of my body and fooling me into thinking he was about to let me go. Oh, but hardly... Eragon sat into a kneeling position, lifting up his great weight just long enough to flip me onto my back - before his bloated thighs squished together to pin my chest. With my vision facing upwards, I got quite the view of Eragon's huge ass wobbling above me...before it simply, dropped~ My snout, then my whole head, slid between those pillowy buttocks, getting lost quite easily in that warm crevice between... Inevitably my nose booped a slick port, which was as thick as the rest of the Charmander - and just as willing as the rest of him to 'abuse' me! One lazy gape later and my head splurched into effectively a sauna of heat and slime, the long passage in front of me rippling and accepting me with hungry efficiency...! Eragon simply shifted and adjusted as he tensed and loosened, his fluffy boyfriend slowly burying deeper and deeper between his thick cheeks... Soon enough, there were merely a tail and two cute footpaws wriggling out of his crack; he stood partially, shaking his ass as he flopped into a normal sitting position...putting the last bit of pressure against those padded doggy-toes. Another 'schlurp' and the last of me disappeared into that thick body...

The rawr-Char leaned back, kneading and flopping his bountiful belly about as I was ushered backwards through his digestive tract, a grin growing on his snout as I slowly filtered into his actual gut. He kneaded at my bulges as I filled it more and more, admiring the literal impression I made as I curled up fully in his stomach~ Eragon seemed more than satisfied by this result, and his strong hands were only too happy to squish the slick belly-walls down on me and further express his dominance~ I yipped and blushed; it was like a rough petting, one clearly full of passion and love though also so d-dominant...!

But that wasn't really the 'roughest' part of the situation. Eragon WAS hungry, after all; it was why he ate me. His body was only TOO eager to nutritionalize whatever ended up in his belly; this was clear to me as stomach acids began to filter into the belly, bubbling first at my feet...and slowly rising... Just as Eragon planned.

You boyfriend knew a lot about Shadoxes; and one thing important about us, is that our bodies are not 'us', per se. They represent us, certainly, and let us express ourselves; but they are more or less just a shell, and a disposable one at that. We're ghost-dogs; so long as our spirit is left intact, we can rebuild a lost body. In fact, we don't even feel pain unless we choose to; we tend to be a bit reckless and go through a lot of bodies, so a pain-response would really suck if it came with each 'death'!

Which is why Eragon had no bad conscience as his gut started to gurgle and churn around his boyfriend. I was worth more calories than a lot of the things he could eat, after all; and since I was his good puppy-dog, he would use my nutrition as he saw fit. What stronger form of dominance is there than that? Why, the big 'ol Char was happy to continue his rubbings, purring as he enjoyed my digestion and his belly grew softer and softer... Of course, he wouldn't be enjoying it if I didn't; but he knew quite well that such dominance only made me swoon all the harder - even if I had to swoon just as a spirit for a little while after~ It takes a little bit of time to make a new body, a few hours...but not too long. I'd be back in form quick enough to trot back to his side and squish my head against his gut, while it was still partly full of my previous body's soft mush... Talk about a unique opportunity, huh? <:3

Really - I'm only too happy to benefit my lovely Charry's body like this... Good thing too, since he'll probably want my fresh new form for dessert...! T-true love, am I right? ^_^

This was 3 of 3 AWESOME images Flame in a commission sketch collage I paid him for. ^^ (Technically there were a couple other pages too, some wips that look entirely different and that I might color at some point!) I really love how all these came out, and Flame was awesome for applying bonus coloring too!

Once again, this massive char is my mate,   eragoneater, in a MASSIVE new form he's breaking in~ Big in personality and confidence as well as size, as one can tell by now!

I hope nobody minds the digestion I wrote in. It's quite true to form for Behemoth-Eragon though, I think~ There's basically no penalties to eating me aside from 'Aww, Charem won't physically be around for a few hours.', so I don't think Eragon is at all heartless for adding me to his girth. <3 I get quite the experience outta it anyways, and get to see how my calories added to his weight... Bigger IS sexier, so if I can personally make him bigger...yes, please. ^//^

Maybe you all could add to his girth too? ;3 Granted, if you don't have abilities like I do, it might be a bit...permanent~ But hey - Charmander flab's a pretty nice fate, am I right?