NOW Who's the Bigger Boyfriend? Pt 2/3 - by Flame by Charem

NOW Who's the Bigger Boyfriend? Pt 2/3 - by Flame


15 April 2017 at 18:13:54 MDT

Shadoxes...we can be rambunctious creatures, over-energetic even, at times. Sure, we're fat and lazy, but all dogs have their moments of utter excitement. I can't count the number of times I bowled over lil' Eragon, or ate him, or pinned him under me, because I was too excitable. Eragon's Behemoth form, though? He doesn't have to worry about that. Tall as a human and much wider and stronger than one, he's able to call the shots...and land a bit of friendly revenge while he's at it!

After all, a good way to calm an excitable pup down is to snug them close to you and limit their movement for a while...usually 'gently', but, Shadoxes are durable enough for rougher treatment, I s-suppose! Eragon need merely make a lazy flop belly-down atop me and...o-oof! It's a good thing his belly is super tubby and soft, 'cause that's a LOT of pounds to land on ya! That wobbly gut just squishes me into its scaly folds, while it oozes out around me and across the's quite warm and comfortable, when you can get used to the near-total lack of movement from all the weight. Though I can still squirm a bit, squishing that fat surrounding me around just a bit...much to that purring Charmander's delight.

Or perhaps he's just purring because the only free part of me, my head, is stuck under his ginormous ass~ My ears and head-fluff probably tickle his buttocks pleasantly, not to mention the many accidental rubs I end up giving those glorious glutes as I shuffle my head about. As my blush indicates, I'm not exactly opposed to be...'underbutt' myself. o//o Not to mention...I don't mind being trapped, in general. Completely at the mercy of this giant scaly flab-beast, who just by idly laying there, can completely dictate my fate...and a flab-beast I find incredibly sexy, and that I love to the bottom of my heart, at that. <3 G-gosh~

This was 2 of 3 AWESOME images Flame in a commission sketch collage I paid him for. ^^ (Technically there were a couple other pages too, some wips that look entirely different and that I might color at some point!) I really love how all these came out, and Flame was awesome for applying bonus coloring too!

Once again, this massive char is my mate,   eragoneater, in a MASSIVE new form he's breaking in~ I helped design it alongside him, and I adore how his personality grows more cocky and confident when he uses this form - both in and out of character. <3 ...Oh, and I guess I'm under that gut there too? But I'm not nearly as important as this Charry hunk~

If I were an anime character, I would nosebleed every time I looked at this picture. Dat ass is just, wow. <3 Plus the sag of that belly, hinting at just how big it is, behind all that butt and tail that's hiding it~ Now THIS is Behemoth Eragon's 'best size', at least in my opinion~