[FSBW] Carrots? No, My Dear, I Hunger for YOU~ - by Flame&Me by Charem

[FSBW] Carrots? No, My Dear, I Hunger for YOU~ - by Flame&Me


15 April 2017 at 18:13:36 MDT

FULL SIZE: http://puu.sh/sP7pM/dfae708755.png

Yes, yes~ I'm a rabbit, and I do love carrots. Veggies and fruits of all kinds, in fact! They're what we're known to eat, and I'm happy to chow down on every bit of such foods presented to me... But my dear...you didn't think that would be ENOUGH, did you? I do quite appreciate that you bought out the produce sections of countless grocery stores, and that you raided all the farms and gardens within miles of their crops, all in the effort to bring those herbivorous delights into my ever-parted snout. You made me the sheer mass of bunny that I am now, after all...and I'll never fail to appreciate one who treats a bun so well~

But, though I be a near-immovable mass of purple blubber, with my belly oozing out in every direction under me, my trunkish legs shuffling half-sunken into my fat, and my flabby rolls having their OWN flabby rolls which jiggle endlessly... That was hardly the END, dear~ Listen to that belly. Even through all those thick layers of fat, you can hear it gurgle, and grumble, and GRRRROWWWRL...

For. YOU~

The time for herbivorous delights have ended; you're out of those. Now is the time for carnivorous delights~ You'll be only the start to this NEW feeding binge, my dear; I'll call and seduce more others after you, MANY others, MANY creatures. But you would enjoy initiating this, yes?... Yes...look into my eyes, into their glow. Yes...you WOULD, wouldn't you?... <3 That's what I thought...

I'll even make it your choice, my dear...

My head may be half-buried in my pillowy neck, but simply give the word and I can part my jaws just as widely and easily as when I gulped down all that produce... You saw me consume more than just mere carrots whole; those watermelons were a bit of a swallow, but even those massive fruits fell down my gullet in one intact mass. And really, you're far softer and more comfortably...and tantalizingly...contoured than a watermelon~ No need to worry about my collar either; as stretched as it is already by my flab, it can always stretch further as such...'accommodation'...is needed~ And such a crisp collage of savory fruits and veggies you'll smell on my breath on your way down, like the most complete of salads...! A better smell than many predators' breaths provide; at least until I inevitably let out a belch as I chow down on you, and waft a more guttural, acidic scent past your nose. But you'll like it all the same, won't you, dear?~

Or perhaps a route that's only grown larger with the rest of me is more to your tastes?... My 'bunny buns' are quite raised now, my own body-weight having squished a good deal of my endless gut behind myself as it has... But it's an easy enough climb up from behind, what with all the MANY rolls and wrinkles along my belly-fur to get a hand- and foot-hold in. Once you're up there and have adjusted to the elevation, you can take a nice slick slide back down a VERY obvious entry-point. My legs are well-spread thanks to my tummy, parting my ginormous rump far enough to clearly expose your...alternative destination~ I should also remind, we bunnies are bottom-heavy to begin with, with our powerful back-legs and all... Such power comes with strong muscles, my dear...and though they're made for hopping and kicking, they can also be utilized for suckling, clenching, and pulling...fast, hard, and DEEP~ You'll be shivering in delight all the way in...groaning in bliss until you finally get pulled to my gut. Won't you, dear?~

Your choice is merely binary, my dear...and lead to the same end, in truth~ But enjoy the ride however you most prefer: past my bunny buckteeth, or into my rabbit rump?~ Hmm... Take your time deciding. Just gaze over my wobbling, bountiful body, and deep into my dominating eyes...and you'll know the best choice for you soon enough, dear~ <3

And I shall conclude 'Fat Snow Bunny Week' (for now) with the last and best of the art-bunch. <3 This is the best I've ever been drawn as a rabbit, and probably will remain the best for quite some time...!

This was drawn by my pal Flame for Fat Bunny Week earlier this year. He's always a lover of flabby creatures, so he usually celebrates the holiday and draws up a bunch of his friends as rabbits~ I'm not sure what inspired him to put SO. MUCH. EFFORT! into mine though...! It was an absolutely-incredible sketch, and so I had to color it up of course! I feel as if I should have shaded it too, but...ahh well~

I'm a little finicky about 'blobby' furs, when fat-furs start losing their form's definition because of the flab. But this is precisely how I love it being done. <3 The overflowing nature of all that soft weight, with the GREAT growth of the butt throughout the process...and everything else, it's all just perfect! Topped off with that dominant, predatorial look I have...the sort of look you'd expect an athletic tiger to have before it pounced its prey. It's as if I barely notice all my weight, simply focused on eating MORE as I am, and...simply feeling 'starved' since I have a hungry focus~

Really, it's just perfect, everything about this. ^_^ I can't stop praising Flame enough for this. What do you think, viewers? Tell me...ALL the thoughts you feel looking at this over-bloated bundox~ ;3 I would really love to know! And with that piercing, ethereal gaze I have there, it's not like you can keep it a secret from me~ <3