Bioengineering a Shadox - by Anonomouse by Charem

Bioengineering a Shadox - by Anonomouse


15 April 2017 at 18:13:25 MDT

There's a lot to learn from studying a Shadox! Our biology and even existence is not at all like most flesh-and-blood creatures, since we're effectively alive and undead at the same time. Some scientists have already studied me, such as my good Master-friend Fooly the fox... Though it seems a doctor far more sinister found a way to keep me subdued and unconscious!

One has to wonder what those creepy bio-tubes you see in every horror game and creepy movie actually contain as far as liquids go, but it's clearly a wonderful if unsettling way to preserve a creature... One has to wonder if this body of mine is dead or not; if it IS dead, then my soul (the only truly 'important' part of me) has already gotten away and reformed a new body. But if I'm alive in there, then I'm a bit stuck until I'm 'unbound' from that body!

Goodness; either way, seeing me floating in there is rather creepy, isn't it? D:

This was a little animation that   anonomouse made during my Dark Souls 2 stream yesterday. I believe it was inspired by a little joke about putting me in a tube, though I forget the context! Regardless, I kinda dig this for being mildly unsettling. xD

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