Food is Best Chu'd~ - by Jecht_Zorovy by Charem

Food is Best Chu'd~ - by Jecht_Zorovy


15 April 2017 at 18:00:34 MDT

Some people chew their food. Fuse here, though, Chu's his food. It's a fair lot less painful than chewing, since it's just another word for 'swallowing food whole, preferably in gigantic, reckless quantities'...but, you know, in a Chuish way too. ;3

Though I suppose all the live, wriggling prey might get Chu'd in a more literal sense if the hungry Umbrechu decides to gurgle them into more brothers and sisters for his family... Umbrechus do like to spread and corrupt, after all, and the right sort of digestion corrupts rather than melts a meal~

Of course, that's not really a bad fate either. Corruption is a lovely thing - and if you don't think so right away, you certainly will in hindsight. <3

And here is another   jechtzorovy original! <3 If you can't tell, Jecht rather loves drawing my (not-so) little Umbrechu Fuse. Fuse clearly loves being drawn too, especially with his belly gettin' that big! :> Could be bigger, though, huh?...