Gooey Kopelaan Smoochings - by EmuSal by Charem

Gooey Kopelaan Smoochings - by EmuSal


15 April 2017 at 17:53:20 MDT

It's usually very peaceful to share a big, snuggly hug with other creatures. A few can be a bit rough about it, pouncing atop you and pinning you to the ground in a big 'ol cuddle...but still, harmless enough, right?

Not when goo creatures get this fella here, known as a 'Kopelaan'. They can go from physical to gooey states much like a Vaporeon can, and if they get a little too enamored with cuddling you, they tend to...start to ooze around you...!

Suffice to say, this became much more than a kiss and a hug soon... Granted, being squished within a slick watery creature is sort of like getting an even bigger hug, isn't it? ^^;

This was something   emusal drew a long time ago~ Kopelaans area species he came up with, and one of them decided I was just too precious...and let go! Goodness me~