Bellies > Doors: Part 1 - by Gothyk-Industries by Charem

Bellies > Doors: Part 1 - by Gothyk-Industries


15 April 2017 at 17:51:34 MDT

It's wonderful pigging out on a ginormous meal once and a while - a dragon, a leviathan, an elephant...something many, many times your size, ya know? Of course, you gotta consider WHERE you're eating them, or you might end up in a situation like this.

Protip: Don't eat gigantic meals indoors. Even if the place has a double-door exit, you can't necessarily rely on it, work out. This sort of single-door exit is even worse...I got out fine, but not so much with my belly...

This might require a little extra...OOMPH!

This was a clean sketch-sequence done by   Gothyk-Industries a while back! Think it was meant to have color but that never occurred, so I'm posting up these lovely sketches instead~ :3