The Best Restaurant Meal - by riolulover56 by Charem

Today we turn our attention to a Shadox walking around the nearby area, his body fur was purple, his belly fur, cloud like tail, ears and head fur were light purple. He had a red bead like accessory on the tip of his tail. Attached to it was was a Japanese like writing that I really can't understand... I think. His name is Charem, a ghost like fox that love to eat.... a lot. He went into a large restaurant. Today was his birthday today and someone invited him over.

As he went in, he was greeted by a dark blue Riolu with yellow eyes, and a dark green scarf. "Hey there Charem, I see you came.", The Riolu said as the hungry Shadox came in. "Yes, and you are? I remember being invited by someone, and that someone is you. Am I right?", he said. The Riolu nodded. "Nothing gets passed you, huh? Yes I invited you here. I'm Saaheim the Riolu. I planned something lovely just for hungry you." The Shadox gave a pleased look. It seemed he wouldn't just have a small snack today. He'd have a full house of a meal. "Come on. I'll take you upstairs.", The Pokemon said as he lead the Shadox upstairs. Up there were a bunch of willing Pokemon, furs, and humans that were going to get eaten by Charem. "Here we are. The people standing here are willing patrons that are going to be your meal. These 29 are just waiting for you to nom them.", Said the Pokemon as he went into the kitchen. Charem couldn't wait to start eating as he started to drool. The Riolu came out with a cake. 29 Candles were on it. "Happy birthday Charem!", Said Saaheim. "I you want to get started eating, be my guest, I'll be back." With those words, the Riolu went downstairs and Charem got started eating. He grabbed a Lucario first and shoved him in his maw, gaping it as he the Lucario's body was fully in his mouth. He savored the jackal's flavor and swallowed. His belly bulges out, since a Lucario is taller than him, but nonetheless, he had the bigger appetite. He had 28 preys to go.

After the Lucario, came two teenage humans males. He grabbed one and shoved him in, gulping the human down with ease following up with the next human, his belly bulging now. He grabbed a Buizel next and dropped him in his mouth like a snack and instantly gulped him down. He grabbed a Floatzel next, and took his time to savor his seafood. "Mmmmmm~ Seafood", he said as he gulped down the weasel, and slurped up his tails like noodles. An anthro fox came over next with an anthro mouse. He grabbed both and laid back. He rested the mouse on his stomach, and proceeded to eat the orange fox. A large gulp is heard, sending the fox fully down his throat as he begins with the mouse, licking the rodent on the face as a taste test but then instantly ate him. The next three preys were another human, a girl this time, a Quilava, and an anthro black cat. He ate the human first, slurped up the kitty, and finally ate his snack of a Quilava. The 10 meals of his large bulged Gus belly out greatly as he felt them squirm and struggle playfully, making him murr in pleasure. He takes his time eating Pokemon, humans and furs, and with each willing meal, his belly expanded more... and more... and more. There was one last prey before he had to eat his cake, a Charmeleon. He grabbed and started eating tail first, the tail flame not burning him at all. He gets over to the Char's head, and walks over to the mirror, his enormous belly wobbling as he went. He looked in the mirror and looked at himself gulp down his willing meal. The Riolu came back as Charem went to his cake. He looked at it to see a surprising sight. There were 29 micros in his cake looking up at him. "Surprise. It's a micro cake! Filled with real micros!" said Saaheim with a happy tone. "Thanks for this cake, because I'm going to enjoy it." said the Shadox, as he lifted the cake and began to eat it, piece by piece. With each, a micro or a few were in one, making it very delicious. When he was done eating the cake, he saw it travel down his neck and disappear into his enormous belly full of live prey and cake. The Riolu stood in front of him, walking up to his belly as the Shadox laid back, and began rubbing it. Charem began to uncontrollably murr with satisfaction and pleasure. After a few minutes of rubbing, Saaheim went up to Charem. "There is one more part of your meal, sir.",said the Riolu. "What is it?",said the Shadox. "Me." The Shadox licked his lips instantly and gaped his maw, wanting him to climb inside. Saaheim climbed up his belly, and slid down it into the Shadox's maw. He licked his final prey all over and played with him with his tongue. One swallow sent the Riolu into his gut as his belly bulges out a bit more. He laid back on one of the beds and looked at his enormous belly. He laid his head down and began to sleep. "I might do this again really soon.... so full." Charem said as he went to sleep.

The Best Restaurant Meal - by riolulover56


15 April 2017 at 17:39:03 MDT

Here's a cute little story that :iconriolulover56: put together for my birthday. ^^ What a tasty array of snacks!

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