Aspen, the Human-Turned-Leafeon! by Charem

Aspen, the Human-Turned-Leafeon!


15 April 2017 at 17:21:16 MDT

(Due to the length of Aspen's origin story, I decided to upload this tale on the more story-friendly SoFurry here: ! So go read it! :D It involves transformation, force-feeding, fattening, and some attempted vore~)

For those who are tl;dr with stories though (shaaaame), let me summarize:

This is Aspen, the Maple Leafeon. :3 He used to be a human, though...a Pokemon hiker and researcher, in fact. He and his Pokebuddy Twig the Deerling had quite a number of adventures out in the wilds, collecting data and learning all sorts of things! Sadly, things took a turn for the worst when Aspen was tasked by the Johto-Kanto Pokemon League itself to explore the rugged area north of Mt. Silver... There were quite a number of interesting Pokemon out there, but the most interesting find was a strange, large, bush-like plant, growing lushly in the middle of a grove...sporting brilliant maple leaves, among other features.

Aspen's research interest got the best of him well as the plant using a subtle Sweet Scent, luring him into its vines... In an instant the human was snapped up in a tangle, his clothes roughly discarded before a sap-dripping vine was fed down his throat... And well...thick, sticky, sweet maple-sap filled his belly, the calories morphing his weight while other qualities of the goop morphed his form...slowly turning him...a lot more 'grassy'! Thankfully, Twig found an opening in the viney mess to land a good attack on the plant, freeing his owner and letting the duo escape before the plant was quite done transforming him. Hence why Aspen can still stand upright and use his paws as hands, if clumsily...and why features of his old human self, such as his bellybutton and his freckles, and indeed his human mind, stayed intact.

But to say Aspen's mind was still COMPLETELY human, well...that wasn't true at all; there were new instincts for him to deal with, and though they'd gotten away, some of that mapley sap remained too, stubbornly coating inside the Leafeon's belly...perhaps, even influencing it...

To learn more...well, you'll just have to read the full story above! :3 But there will be more to come involving Asper, as well...

Goodness me, it's been a long time coming to announce this fella. :D I drew this image entirely myself almost a year ago; but I wanted to make sure I gave Asper a proper introduction when I uploaded it here. A story I spent several hours writing...should suffice! (As well as many touch-ups on the image which I did just tonight~)

Aspen is a character that I sort of came up with out of nowhere. The concept of a Leafeon with a different type of leaf was the inception; then the idea of a human being turned into a Leafy was just too cute not to develop. Then I came up with the mysterious plant, and the concept of not only transformation but fattening too...and, well. My dear lovely Eragon, being Canadian, likely influenced the maple theme. Maple leaves are distinct, and besides that, being pumped full of maple syrup sounds downright tasty. <3 The transformation act also allowed for further variance from a normal Leafeon; as the TF was interrupted a bit early, Aspen retains a few human traits, giving him this slightly-anthro/mostly-feral look which I think just makes him all the cuter!

The lore went further from there, and I developed Twig, the feisty and ungraceful Deerling, to serve as Aspen's companion and, eventually, mentor. Plus the world setting, went on and on~ I really cut it down for the story, honestly!

But, yeah. I'm very proud of my work on this image and this concept; honestly, it's all been a lot of fun. There more to share, including vore, to come... I won't be writing a novel's worth of text for the next pictures, though. XD I just needed to establish the lore, eh? ...Oh Arceus, now I'm starting to talk like a Canadian. The maples have consumed my braaaain~

Real talk: Land me some comments! I'd love to know what you think of this fella, or the story, or whatever! Should I develop Aspen further, and get more things involving him? Tell me if you looooove him or not~ (Try to be nice if you don't though; you don't want to make a big, soft grassfella like him cry, do you? <:3)