Going Somewhere, Are We?... - by Rijolt by Charem

Going Somewhere, Are We?... - by Rijolt


15 April 2017 at 16:54:21 MDT

You guys didn't forget about my Mind form, did you? She may not have as much art as my lovable Body form, but she is indeed just as prominent a form... If not more prominent, considering how much stronger, more aggressive, and more intelligent she is than me in my Body form...

Anyways, it's simply best NOT to forget about a creature that has no qualms about seducing, manipulating, overpowering, or otherwise controlling you. Yes, YOU. Not the other people - their time will be later - but you're the focus right now...the target~ Just watch as those red, glowing eyes stare at you with such vigor and focus... Perhaps she'll play around with you in other ways first - she has other 'hungers' she likes to sate too - but inevitably know that you'll fall into her jaws, or rear, and gurgle away into a useful mush to power her abilities and make her all the stronger. :3

No point running when there's no escape... May as well just be a good little meal and work with her~ Who knows...let your will bend willingly to such a seductress, and she may just make the experience completely euphoric for you... Better she doesn't have to use those long claws, and razory teeth, to keep you in check, hm?

She's a very sharp Mind, after all...in many, many ways. ;3

This lovely-epic-evil-hot drawing of my Mind form was drawn by my friend   rijolt/Kateri as a commission! Potentially, this may be one of the coolest things she's ever drawn. I love her style, and I SO appreciate just how much effort she put into making Mind truly look ETHEREAL and POWERFUL, one with the darkness~ I mean, those fire effects are AMAZING, and the lack of lighting around her demonstrates how her fire glows and yet consumes light around it~

This is undoubtedly Mind's best drawing...showing her anatomy and personality off in a truly perfect way. <3 So, you'll submit willingly, won't you...? >:3


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    (Pulls out sword) I'M NOT GOING DOWN WITHOUT A FIGHT!

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      Geez you have a lot of weapons

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        You wouln't believe