Five Nights In Charem's - by BoldDragon10 by Charem

Five Nights In Charem's - by BoldDragon10


15 April 2017 at 16:44:28 MDT

You thought the job sounded perfect for you. Monitor the children's restaurant, "Charem's Awesome Pizza" during the night, keep an eye on things, get paid. Heck, not to mention the employee discounts and free weekly pizza - they did actually make awesome pizza here.

Animatronics, though. They're always a bit creepy, aren't they? Well, this restaurant had one of their titular character, Charem. But it was just one, and not a whole cavalcade of them like some other themed eateries do. There'd been a shut-down at some Freddy's place over the animatronics they had; poor maintenance and unsanitary conditions, from the sound of things.

The owners here cared about proper conditions, though. After the news about that other restaurant, staff had promptly pulled their Charem animatronic from use. It was getting old and was a bit dinged up, and while repairs weren't strictly necessary as there had been no incidents, it was a good time to demonstrate a bit more care and caution than Freddy's had.

But you didn't really care too much about all that. Point was, the only creepy robot in the place was locked away in storage, awaiting a proper maintenance team to come by and polish it up. So you didn't even have to bother looking at the thing on your camera feed...

...Until, suddenly, you DID look at it on your camera feed.

At first you'd thought you'd accidentally switched to the storage closet camera. But checking the dials, you were clearly looking through the dining room camera. As the strangeness of this began to set in, you realized the animatronic was standing, glowing. Clearly, on. ... And while you didn't LIKE to look at it, you had observed many times earlier that night that it was slumped and out of commission in a corner of the storage room. So...why was it operating?...

Before you could contemplate any further, the camera cut out for a half-second...and when it came back, the animatronic was gone. Eyes alight in confusion and mind racing, wishing, hoping about this being some sort of prank, you checked camera after camera, and turned up nothing. Where had it gone?!

Too bad you were so focused on those cameras, though. The hallway to the security office, so out-of-the-way in the building, had no camera...otherwise you may have caught the furred purple robot creeping your way.

Too late now... The animatronic seemed rather interested in stuffing you into a suit just like its, and strangely, it seemed quite capable of detaching its metal frame just so to cram you right down its jaws and into its middle! Though it was rather strange to discover it had a rubber, elastic stomach hidden behind its furred belly. Some legacy feature? Or...

You struggled, of course, but the robot merely seemed content, a strangely-organic groaning coming from around you. You were thankful to not be crushed and rended by all its metallic parts, and strangely grateful for the rubbery place you'd ended up in, but that was all starting to change as the...liquid bubbled in around you. Acidic...and digestive...

You always assumed robots didn' But now you learned, there was at least one that did. And it had an appetite that the restaurant's namesake pizzas alone couldn't sate...

Yes, I'm following up a day of caring with a picture of scaring~ >:3

This is sure to make some people sick of FNAF groan. XD Well, I've never been the hugest fan of the series - I think it's good enough but I don't go gaga over it. But regardless, you have to admit... A shadox animatronic is a DELICIOUSLY-perfect idea. <3

Which is why   bolddragon10 decided to do it! He gets all the credit for the awesome work here, as well as the delightful idea~ I admit, robot-me is a bit derivative of the FNAF animatronics, given that I desire to stuff people into an own animatronic suit too... But, I think we can all agree I execute that idea MUCH more effectively than Freddy's crew ever did... ;3

Thanks again Bold! <3

(I wish this could actually be a game, hahaha)


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    I wouldn't go there without a shotgun.

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      Which I bet you have considering how many things you've brought to arm at this point.