[COMM] Picking ALL the Berries! - by congruentPartisan & Me by Charem

[COMM] Picking ALL the Berries! - by congruentPartisan & Me


15 April 2017 at 16:13:05 MDT

FULL SIZE: http://puu.sh/mltBF/37f9210390.png (Highly recommend viewing this for all the nice details!)

It's always a fun to pick ripe, juicy berries. Even better when so many different varieties come from the same tree, and that tree also never stops dropping new berries! To top it all off, successful picking and feeding your Pokemon what berries they crave can even earn you MORE food in rewards: delicious, sugary Pokepuffs, handed out by an unknown benefactor!

It can be a difficult little game for some, as many Pokemon can be quite finicky with what kind of berries they're fed; failing to feed the preferred berry to the right Pokemon has the event end. But this wasn't a problem for Zeekule and his Pokemon. The fox-dragon had trained his team very well...though not just in the art of battle. He was a gourmand, to put it simply; loving to devour all manners of foods in all manners of portions, and stuff his belly nice and fat in the process! Naturally, he was all too eager to introduce each and every member of his team to such variety and passion about food, happy to stuff their bellies as much as his own!

Simply put, Zeek's team took full advantage of the amazing Berry Picker tree, snapping up each and every berry that fell from it, and shaking the tree to make the supply fall that much faster! This 'game' was just a buffet for them; no challenge, but still plenty of fun! And the earned Pokepuffs certainly helped pad out their bellies to even greater sizes...and with them not missing a single berry, they earned the bready treats in droves!

Even Zeek joined in on the action. The fox-dragon had no qualms nor embaressment eating a meal with his Pokefriends, even meals meant for Pokemon more than trainers~ Food was a social pleasure, after all, and he loved his team as friends and equals; of course he'd dine with them!

By the time the group had finally filled their bellies near-bursting, they were too heavy to move, content just to rest and rub each other's bellies, surrendering to their food-comas. All said, the Berry Picker tree couldn't get any more visitors that day; it would be rather difficult to pick anything with six big, soft fatties lazing about the tree!

Hoo boy, I was looking forward to posting this one. <3 Too bad I took so long to post it~

This was a commission I did in joint with   congruentpartisan! He did the lines. I touched up some of the linework for sharpness, and did everything else you see here~ Whew! The commissioner was   gdzeek! Always a pleasure to work with this fella, and such wonderful gorging and fatty pics he likes made~ ^^

This is sort of pseudo-sequel to "The Poffin n' Pokepuff Picnic", which I colored some time before I did this one. Zeek sure is a good Pokemon trainer, making sure his teams are always so well-fed! Gotta admire a nice owner like that.

Zeek wanted a lot with this commission, but I'm really glad he did; this was really my standout project from last year, the one thing that really expanded my abilities and healthily challenged what I could do. ^^ The scene is entirely based on X/Y's Berry Picker minigame, if you couldn't tell; and specifically, Congruent and I were asked to match its aesthetic as close as I could. The game has quite an interesting style so it was both hard but also a lot of fun to see if we could recreate it...and the end result is so very pretty I think! :D

Not to mention this might be one of my best shading projects; certainly the most detailed. I created a soft-textured brush just for this picture (and I should use it again in the future, it's really pretty), which really added a nice extra plushness to those lovely bellies. Check out the full size and you can really soak in the effect it left~

I'd really love some comments on this. :D Tell me what you like, or don't like! Curious what you all think of this one.