[COMM] A Floofy Fennechu Fiasco! - by AzuratheFox & Me by Charem

[COMM] A Floofy Fennechu Fiasco! - by AzuratheFox & Me


15 April 2017 at 16:12:57 MDT

Redchu is typically...well, a Chu! A Pikachu, to be exact, and a rather normal one aside from his red markings and cheeks. However, he also simply LOVE wearing a fitting red collar as an accessory...taking it off only occasionally. Well, during one of these occasions, it seems a mysterious individual, likely someone quite foxish, came by and stuck a bit of magic on his collar.

Red was quite unaware of this, until he put it on and...poof! Suddenly, he wasn't a Pikachu any more! Well, not entirely. Some of his zappymouse traits still remained, but his build had very much changed into something more quadruped, more vulpine. More...Fennekin!

The Fennechu yipped cutely in surprise as he looked down at himself, marveling at the new, extra-fluffy body. This was...very, very different!

...How was he gonna get the collar off with his now-blunter paws, anyways...?

This is one of the cutest projects I've ever worked on. snickers This was a joint commission worked on by   azurathefox (lines) and me (the rest). The commissioner was the star of this,   redchu. :D

It was a simple project to be sure, but this was really fun to work on! I really nailed what I wanted to do with the shading here; I'm definitely improving on the art of shadows. (As I well should, being a shadox and all now. 83)

Oh, and it's quite possible we'll be seeing an evolved form of this fella in the nearish future too, a sequel-commission! A Raichu-Braixen... Raixen? Braichu? ...We'll figure out the best name for it later. XD