[COMM] Caught Abreast of a Sticky Situation! - by Azzy & Me by Charem

[COMM] Caught Abreast of a Sticky Situation! - by Azzy & Me


15 April 2017 at 16:12:49 MDT

Goodras are unusual beasts. Slug-like dragons don't sound appealing on paper, but in fact they're some of the most beloved creatures in the Pokedex~! Still, it's hard to predict what one might behave like, given their unusual nature...

Ragoo, the shiny Goodra, was a good example. Though friendly and bubbly, she also holds a dominant streak like many dragons do. She is hardly mean, but she does have a tendency to be...grabby? ^_^; Such as when she sees something really cute and she wants to grab and cuddle it immediately... W-woof!

Incidentally, I happen to be particularly fluffy and adorable. I really should have seen this coming; but alas, slug-like dragons don't, in fact, move like slugs! Ragoo was on me before I knew it, hoisting me up and squishing me right between her soft, slick, pillowy cleavage! I literally stuck to her chest from all the goo dripping from her ever-moist skin, quickly squished tight between her enviably-sized breasts...!

Well!... I play with females, and even can be female myself, but this wasn't a situation I'd...ever found myself in before! O//O I couldn't do much more than blush across my snout and wriggle and squish my limbs against her pliable body. And when she started nibbling on my sensitive ear, oh geez...!

Well, she certainly likes me...that much is for sure... >//<

This was a joint commission I did with   AzuraTheFox! Azzy lined, I did colors, shading, and BG~ My good pal   Guan commissioned this piece from us a while back for his fur-son (and also my friend)   -thezombywoof-!

Guan and Zomby were interested in getting Zomby's new Pokemon character Ragoo get drawn~ Specifically, drawn cuddling me like I was her plushie-toy! o..o Well, they got their wish, and that Goodra sure is happy about it too!

(And I might like my 'predicament' too~ >//> Her boobs are very soft...)