[COMM] Mine, All Mine! - by ImperfectFlame & Me by Charem

[COMM] Mine, All Mine! - by ImperfectFlame & Me


15 April 2017 at 15:58:01 MDT

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Dragons cannot be typically termed the fickle sort. Filling their scaled bellies up is a normal enough practice. A good, stuffed gorging simply means a longer time before another meal is necessary for a drake...though still allows 'unnecessary' delights to be consumed should the beast get greedy. Oh, dragons can certainly be termed greedy.

But Drax the dragon...well, he wasn't typically like that. Eastern dragons like him were known to be a bit more relaxed when it came to a predatorial role, often wanting to watch their streamlined figures and eat a bit more daintily than the pot-bellied westerns they were often compared to. Drax definitely enjoyed his fair share of meals, but wasn't one to truly...overindulge.

But a dragon is a dragon, no matter what kind of dragon they are, and the urge to splurge can strike them at anytime...! Drax was more then due...and when that ravenous feeling arrived, it was quite unexpected by the friends, neighbors, and general populace surrounding him. Normally mild-mannered, the red drake wasted little time cramming everyone he saw down his insatiable, drooling jaws!

His slender form soon became anything but, his smooth belly oozing out everywhere as it gurgled and urgled everything into the softest and smooshiest belly-fat. He could still hear his belly groan and rumble, even through the endless layers of fat it was now hidden within...perhaps he was not FULLY satisfied, but...it would do for now. After all, his ex-slender body wasn't built to support a lot of weight, and he was rather pinned to the ground...

Not that Drax minded. He was too busy cuddling around his own fatness, massaging away at as much of his mountainous belly as he could and purring at his own belly-rubs. His tail and hands smooshed into the blubber, and he watched them sink inwards with a toothy grin.

"MINE...ALL MINE..." the dragon growled ferally, clearly still feeling as greedy as ever~

Oh gosh, this one was fun. <3 This was a commission for   RedNoodle.Inc/Drax, starring his dragon form, that he commissioned   imperfectflame and I to do.

Drax is a pal of mine, and he's a cool chap. He typically gets eaten about as equally as he eats others, but I've really never seen him fat...maybe bulgy, but not fat. However, he had a craving for something a little different and came to Flame and I for help with...what else?...fattening him up right. <3

This was originally going to be just a flat coloring on my part, but I elected to practice my shading on this picture (and to be randomly nice). :3 I am EXTREMELY happy with how it turned out as such, because this is hands down my best shading job yet. I finally figured out how to make use of shine/lighting correctly...the technique simply came to me after I did my usual shading, and so I softened my shades and then applied my idea. And well...geez, it doesn't even look like something I shaded. XD It's so much better than what I used to do.

I'll be practicing this new shading on a few more projects, and if it works out on them too then I'll probably officialize the style for commissions. This may result in a slight price increase for those wanting shading in the future, since it IS more work, but gosh it is worth it. <3

Thank you again for commissioning Drax! I'm super glad to have had this project around, not only because it was a lovely pic to work on but because it taught me this new trick~