To Pay For An Apple... Page 1 - by PieMan24601 by Charem

To Pay For An Apple... Page 1 - by PieMan24601


15 April 2017 at 15:38:19 MDT

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The Kecleon Brothers were the leading vendors in Treasure Town...and for good reason. Their business acumen was top-notch, and they always seemed to have something for everyone in stock - their daily-rotating selection made sure of that. They were rich enough to have outlets in some of the most hostile of mystery dungeons, at that - run by other Kecleon, of course. Some would call it a bit speciest, but being a businessman did certainly seem to run in the Kecleon blood!

While their direct relation to the keepers of their outlets was unclear, it was true that the two Kecleons in town were flesh-and-blood brothers to one another. Their individual names were something no-one really knew, but such titles were unnecessary - they always worked in a pair, after all, playing off each other's talents in perfect harmony. How synced the two brothers were likely lent to the success of their operation, in addition to their self-proclaimed 'colorful appeal' - one brother being of a normal Kecleon coloring, while the other possessed quite the striking shade of purple. They were energetic and charismatic creatures, almost gayly so...but it drew the customers, so the brothers held no shame in their flamboyancy.

I decided to travel to Treasure Town one day to see the sights and - naturally - try the local foods. I already had heard of the Kecleon Brothers before (who hadn't?), and my journey had left me quite starved, so a trip to the famous shop was my first goal. It was easy enough to find it - the business' large tent was adorned atop with only the most striking drapery, looking just like a Kecleon's upper body and head, albeit with even more color than a normal Kecleon possessed. Two curled Kecleon tails stuck out the back of the tent ornament as well - perhaps a metaphor for how connected the two shopkeepers were to one another.

Though I had expected quite the crowd around the shop, it seemed that I was the only customer. Then I realized - it was a little after lunchtime, and most Pokemon had either picked up a lunch already, were eating at their homes, or had gone back to whatever jobs or tasks they had to work on.

When I approached the counter, I observed that the brothers - likely well-knowing when to expect lulls in customer activity by now - were more focused on tidying their stand and sorting stock than they were on manning the counter. The green Kecleon seemed to be picking from their produce supply, perhaps deciding on a lunch for himself during the lull. I almost felt like I was interrupting them, but as soon as I reached the counter, the brothers' keen eyes spotted me, and both quickly ceased what they were doing to greet me.

"Hello~♪ Welcome to the Kecleon Shop~♪" spoke the green brother with a perfect reciting of their undoubtedly-usual greeting.

"Our merchandise is all chosen with pride! ♪" added the purple brother. "What might you be looking for? ♪"

Their cheerfulness was infectious, and felt surprisingly genuine. I'd only intended to pick up a little something from the business, a snack to hold me over for the time being, but, what the heck! Eyeing an especially large Big Apple in a nearby produce crate, I quickly decided on my purchase with a cheery reply back. But when I checked my Poké bag, I realized that I had made a mistake - I didn't have nearly enough for such a valuable apple!

Bashfully admitting my poor state to the brothers, I sadly realized that I would have to stick to my idea of a light snack for now, something much cheaper... In my contemplating, I didn't at first notice the green Kecleon reaching forward, until his paws had gripped my back and chest and he had begun to pull me over the smooth wooden counter. The purple Kecleon seemed quite supportive of his brothers actions, apparently knowing something I didn't as he proclaimed that I could still have that Big Apple; I just had to pay for it in another way. I felt more than a little embarrassed standing in an 'Employees Only' area of the shop, as well as confused what was being implied by the alternative offer...that I didn't notice as the brothers sandwiched my body between them, the green Kecleon's stomach letting out a lunch-starved rumble...

Confusion turned to shock at the green chameleon brought his hunger to attention, and opened his drooling maw over my head! Even being as stretchy as I was, the sheer speed at which those jaws opened - and just how far they could part! - caught me completely off-guard. In an instant, my whole head was engulfed in the green brother's maw, his long tongue lapping over my face.

The purple brother had not stayed still himself during all this. As soon as his brother had opened those jaws, the purple chameleon had reached down and grabbed my feet, hoisting my body horizontally into the air and quite conveniently robbing me of any leverage. Still, the violet-toned lizard seemed to be doing more than just helping hold me up... My feet were being quite constantly massaged by his paws, and - though I couldn't see it for myself, what with all the maw-flesh surrounding my head - his eyes were quite focused on watching my toes wriggle about...almost like a hunter waiting for the right second to strike!

This is part 1 of 3 of a series that   pieman24601 put together for me a while ago. ^..^ I really admired good traditional art like this - it's a lot easier to pull off making something look nice with digital tools, but Pie did an altogether-fantastic job in making this look cute and colorful with physical tools alone!

I've always liked the Kecleon Brothers from PMD (notably PMD2); they're so adorably flamboyant, to the point I can't help but wonder if it was totally intentional on the developers' part. :3~ Naturally, being in the middle of them was something of a desire I had - in whatever way possible!

(Also, consider this my Paw Day submission! It's the pawsiest thing I have right now - and though it's not the focus per-se of the comic, I think there's plenty of paw-loving to be had here. <3)