To Pay For An Apple... Page 2 - by PieMan24601 by Charem

To Pay For An Apple... Page 2 - by PieMan24601


15 April 2017 at 15:38:34 MDT

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The green Kecleon's maw was warm and dank, drool building up as he admired my head's savory taste...and as his tongue ventured lower to snake along the most sensitive parts of my neck, sending a spark down my spine. He swallowed, slowly but powerfully, gradually dragging my head-horn and top of my head into his stretchy gullet, his lips inching over my chest and shoulders...

And during this time, the purple brother did not sit idly by. The darker-shaded chameleon's tongue drew out to slurp over and between my toes, and to slather over my soles, all in much the same way that a person would lick at some super-tasty ice cream! The purple Kecleon ceased teasing once my feet were sufficiently soaked in his slick saliva, the warm breath of his lungs swooshing over my paws before they were quite suddenly - and completely - engulfed! My toes clenched against his tongue as he began swallowing as well, the violet Kecleon having a significantly-easier time than his brother in pulling me throat-ward. After all, while I was quite pudgy all over, my legs were far more streamlined than my stocky upper-body!

I couldn't even struggle as I was double-devoured. With every inch of my body sinking into the Kecleons' silky, slimy snouts, the sensations my whole form felt grew that much stronger. To be swallowed by one creature, clenched rhythmically by their muscles over and over again, was electrifying enough... But with two creatures 'sharing', both gulping and pulling and clenching down on you at their own different rates...? I could only shiver in a weak wriggle from all the feelings I was being overloaded with, my tail jittering about like a confused worm!

As I found myself more and more lost in pulsing wetness, I realized that my fatty belly was being gently chomped-against by both of the brothers at once, who seemed amused at how squishy my stomach-pudge was. Finally, the two hungry lizards had reached my middle, and thus had met face-to-face in their shared dining experience. For a moment I wondered what would happen next...but even with my head far, far lost inside the green Kecleon's depths, I could still hear the purple brother muffle out words around my mass, surrendering their meal to the likely-hungrier of the two.

But before the violet Kecleon withdrew, he swallowed once more...and I could feel my whole body - save for my tail - become entirely engulfed and removed from the outside air. The brothers had locked lips, and their tongues swirled actively together atop my gut, both tasting at me while mingling with each other... A passionate kiss between the two, I quickly realized. Perhaps the rumors were true, about how close the two shop-keeps really were... Though I had never expected that THIS was how I would find that out!

After a minute of this, the purple chameleon made a small giggle and withdrew his tongue from his sibling's, before taking a strong step backwards...then another...then another. His throat muscles quite relaxed as they were, this motion excavated my drool-drenched, shiny-scaled lower-half from his body in a jiffy, my legs soon hanging limply in the air - which felt quite cold, with how wet I was! The unpleasant chill was not something I had to endure for long, of course... With a mighty oomph, the green brother lifted up his head, hoisting my lower body above him! The position was undoubtedly awkward at first for the Kecleon, but his quick swallows and use of gravity pulled my pre-slickened form quite quickly into his awaiting jaws, his belly rapidly bulging outward as I filled more and more of it...

This is part 2 of 3 of a series that   pieman24601 put together for me a while ago. ^..^ I really admired good traditional art like this - it's a lot easier to pull off making something look nice with digital tools, but Pie did an altogether-fantastic job in making this look cute and colorful with physical tools alone!

I've always liked the Kecleon Brothers from PMD (notably PMD2); they're so adorably flamboyant, to the point I can't help but wonder if it was totally intentional on the developers' part. :3~ Naturally, being in the middle of them was something of a desire I had - in whatever way possible!

(Also, consider this my Paw Day submission! It's the pawsiest thing I have right now - and though it's not the focus per-se of the comic, I think there's plenty of paw-loving to be had here. <3)