Opening (and Closing!) Day - by MicroRoamer by Charem

Opening (and Closing!) Day - by MicroRoamer


15 April 2017 at 15:36:10 MDT

Opening a restaurant specifically catering to Pokemon seems like a sound idea at first. There are many large Pokemon who would order many meals from such a business, which would prove quite profitable for the owner. This is why Kraig the wolf thought to open just such an eatery.

However, any idea that sounds good on paper usually has some sort of kink in its execution that nobody first thinks of. In this case, the kink was me - Charem the Charmeleon, a Pokemon who could devour MUCH more food than even the largest Wailord could hope to consume...and still be hungry afterward! Kraig certainly didn't know what he was getting into as I quickly drained his opening-day rations, yet still had a particular appetite that the canine owner could certainly help me with more directly...!

Really, trying the 'off the menu' specials is always the best part of dining out~

This was something   microroamer drew up for me after seeing some of my streams. :3

Since I've been having trouble with this recently, I would appreciate it if people don't rag on this for its quality in the comments. While Micro is not a top-tier artist, it's easy to tell he put a lot of effort into this - and I think the outcome is quite cute! :3

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