Fat and Full Are Two Different Things! (v2) - by Geckomania by Charem

Fat and Full Are Two Different Things! (v2) - by Geckomania


15 April 2017 at 15:31:12 MDT

Never dismiss a fattened Charmeleon as harmless; reptiles are not known for having such wussy things as 'limits'! We feed, feed, and feed some more, taking advantage of any opportunity before we go sun our overstuffed bellies in the sun for a few hours...

Granted, it's really hard to put down an engrossing 3DS game, I suppose. Especially if you're a Scraggy who's too cool to worry about what others are doing. I wasn't exactly invisible to him before he sat down for an extended gaming session; he just decided I was nothing to worry about. After all, it wasn't like I could drag my fat butt all the way over to him without making a single noise, right?

...Riiiight. 83 You go ahead and keep thinking that, little one. There's certainly NO WAY that my soft, smooth-scaled fat is practically soundless when it slides against the ground, letting me gradually stalk my blubbery way behind you until I could easily lower my drooling jaws down over your unaware head.

Oh, if I could be so close as to look over your shoulder, which would NEVER happen of course, I could see you're playing Pokemon X! How convenient; I've actually got a Charmeleon I'd just LOVE for you to level up for me...

This is both d'aww-cute and tasty at the same time, isn't it? <3 Ehehehe -   geckomania is quite the master of adorable drawings, as his work on this rather proves. Kind soul that he is, he took this as a request a while back from me, as he and I both loved fatties and I love the idea of a nearly-immobile predator still managing to catch himself a meal... :3~ I am such a sneaky lizzy!

This is the second version of the picture, which features one solid mass of belly! :D We couldn't decide which version was better, hence why there is two! Because more is better~