A Quite Natural Candle! - by Supameep by Charem

A Quite Natural Candle! - by Supameep


15 April 2017 at 15:02:10 MDT

When you've carved a perfectly-good jack-'o-lantern and yet have no means to light up the inside, never fear! Just find yourself a Char and plop him down atop the gutted vegetable, and that flaming tail will curl up just perfectly inside! :3

Of course, my being heavy and sort of a fatty, I've gone and gotten my butt a bit stuck when I was utilized in such a fashion due to the mischievous little tantar hiding over there! I guess I'm stuck as part of this jack for a while...but, at least the hollow pumpkin is doing an admirable job supporting my weight. o3o

This was an adorry-rabble picture drawn by my cute little BF   supameep for Halloween! ^^ I'm late in putting it up (but not by too much!) because I was too busy streaming my big Halloween stream, but oh well! <:3

Love you Joshie~ Sorry I couldn't color this up in time; the DnD session kind of sucked up the time for that. :3 But I figured doing DnD with you and the others was quite a worthy trade for that~

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